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Our capacity gadgets are changing at a rate quicker than one can envision. It was in November 2017 just, when we found out about SanDisk divulging the world's most noteworthy storage 400GB microSD card.

Presently, the title of the world's most elevated storage microSD card has a place with Integral Memory's new 512GB microSDXC V10 UHS-I U1 card. It is intended to build the capacity limit of Android gadgets and tablets, and in addition, different types of shopper tech including activity cameras, rambles, DSLRs, and so forth. 

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Yes, and I think they are trying to create bigger capacity soon.

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A new SanDisk product can make your jaw drop. The company announced this week a new SD card capable of storing 512 GB of information.

The amount is much larger than several HDs that are part of computers (it's more capacity than my notebook has!). The company focuses on video professionals. Especially those who already capture and produce content using 4K Ultra HD technology, which requires plenty of space for file storage.

Of course, a 512GB SD will also make video producers or photographers not have to carry so many cards. One can only solve storage problems.

As expected, the card is not cheap. The price announced by SanDisk is $ 800 in the United States. About $ 1.5 per GB. An SD with the same features, but with 64 GB of storage, goes for $ 48 on Amazon. Resulting at $ 0.75 per GB, half the price.

In its launch announcement, SanDisk recalls that within a decade, the storage capacity of a SD has increased a thousandfold. The size of the new 512 GB card is the same as that of a 512 MB card released a decade ago.
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That's true that SD cards are not cheap to buy and there are imitation in the market now.

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