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Apple Inc intends to deliver a new software update for users that will help to disable a function that slowed down older iPhones to save battery life, the organization said. If the update enters, customers can check the health of their iPhone battery and disable the function that slows down the handsets.

The change will come as a component of an iOS 11.3 update, which will be discharged in the spring for purchasers and was discharged Wednesday as a test for designers. This update will likewise give iPhone clients a chance read more...

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They always promise this, but how can we believe them when they sabotage their old phones so People spend hundreds on a new device...I would never buy anything from a company that admits doing this kind of thing...

They kill older devices, they keep saying they would change that and that would provide patches, but honestly i dont trust a word they say...they are in the money business.
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Many of the older Apple phones won't be able to accept this new update. Apple is working hard to try and phase out the older device. I only had my iPhone 6 plus for a few years and decided to upgrade and change out the phone. I knew that the iPhone 6 plus had an issue with the screen chip sensor inside the motherboard. When Apple first made this device they did a terrible design on the motherboard and refused to admit it was their fault.

Apple has finally given people a chance to repair their device for $150. This basically will change out the existing motherboard for a new one. I still think that they had a problem with the product that they should have swapped out the motherboard for free instead of asking people to pay for this.

With one of the updates, some of the new model iPhones 6 had many problems and the phones were bricked. Apple didn't announce this to people before they installed the update. Any iPhone user should wait for several weeks or longer before installing the new updates to their phones. It is best to find out how many people have issues with the update before bricking your phone or having a problem with it.

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