I must admit in my darkest hour I have thought about it but I know it's wrong so never carried it out.  I especially feel angry if someone hurts my children or granddaughter and have worked out little scenarios in my head on how to get revenge. It's better not to listen to those inner thoughts and to hope that karma will take care of it.
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I feel this is human nature to want to hurt a person back when they've hurt you. However, revenge isn't always the answer and in the end, this can cause you a lot of pain and heartache. This can also hurt the family member even more if you try to seek revenge. I was recommended to watch a movie to watch not long ago. It had to do with a 13-year-old girl who was stocked by an older man. She actually meets this man and he took advantage of her and had sex with her. This almost destroyed her father and hurt him so badly. All he could think of was finding this person and seeking revenge. In the end, he almost lost his daughter because of this. So you see this isn't always the way to go. 
When I broke up with my first boyfriend, all I could think about was how to revenge. I tried to revenge and realised that I was hurting myself more so I opted to let go and move on. 
It is not in my nature in getting even with anybody that has hurt me, be it a friend or a lover. I have the knowledge that revenge of the Lord, and so I have never considered paying back hurt with same coin. I like them having their pay back from my God. 
I once think of revenge to someone who hirt me so bad, but I never did for some reasons that I am tried of getting mad. I'm just hurting myself for keeping the pain.

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To be honest with you, I have. Seeking revenge is a norm in human nature, especially in situations where the offender gets to walk away without paying for their actions. Am talking about serious situations here and not the usual back stabbing, cheating or lying kind of hurt.

Bankers are probably the most careful accountants in the world. When I say accountants, am talking about handling any information including money assigned to you with utmost care and without a single penny missing or added by the end of your work day. If the opposite turns out to be the case, you most definitely get in trouble and must pay any shortage regardless of the amount before balancing your sheets for the day. Unfortunately, I fell victim one time back when I was working in a bank. I had to settle a shortage of over a 100k in a single day. I felt really frustrated when I couldn't trace the fault in my account. Months later, I discovered the money was actually stolen by a colleague I trusted. At that point, revenge was all I could think of till someone talked me out of it.

My point is, revenge sometimes might seem like the only option on squaring up or making things equal between you and the offender. But trust me, it only makes things worst. What becomes the difference between you and the offender if you actually go through with your revenge?

In case you're wondering, the jerk colleague of mine got fired after he tried pulling it of again with someone else but got caught.
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When I am hurt or someone I love is hurt, I feel like taking revenge. My instant reaction is like " I will kill you." However, my reaction of feelings do not last long. I never seek revenge. When you revenge, you will be as bas as the person who hurt you or your loved ones. 
Yes. Taking revenge kills our peaceful mind. Better to avoid those and move on. Thanks for your answer. 
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Seeking revenge is natural for a human person when we are angry we tend to think fast and we tend to think revenge is must in every situation but if we think things clearly we can manage to conclude that karma will do its thing when the right comes, seeking revenge in mind is natural but seeking revenge to it in actions must be taken carefully, remember if you seek revenge and after hurting that someone you are also becoming like them , sometimes hatred tends to make us think really bad to other people for their bad deeds but in the end goodness will come its way to you and your heart let karma do everything and keep your faith, that certain person who hurts your love ones will encounter also how you feel and will changed .
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Most prople say they want justice but they don't really want justice. They want revenge. They want to see the pain spread around equally.
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There were many occasions and many  persons, who have hurt me at different points of time in my life. In all those times, I used to get extremely angry about the person who behaved like that. But I never wanted to take revenge on them. Why? I strongly believe in God. God is there to punish all those nasty people who hurt others without reason.
Shouting at staff by arrogant bosses and 'higher-ups' at work places are a common occurrence. I too was a victim of such treatment by three arrogant higher-ups. I felt bad about the way they behaved and wished they should be punished for their acts. What I did was I prayed to God that they should be immediately transferred out of my office and, you may not believe me, it happened. All the three arrogant officers were transferred out.
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Thanks for your answer. It really good habit. Believe in God. Karma do everything at correct time. 
That's true and I wonder why many people that karma is the one who will take care of it.
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Many a times I prefer taking revenge so that my heart will be at peace. I easily lose my anger but it depends on how much you've hurt me. Of course I'll forgive you but will never forget that one day you pissed me off. But then, whenever I see you I'll always feel like revenging on you. Especially after watching that series by the name "Revenge", at the end on the finally episode, the lady says, " if everything you've ever loved or someone you loved has been taken from you, consider revenge ".

Although revenge is prohibited some people will keep on making the same same mistakes intentionally believing that you'll forgive. How will they realise there mistakes if you don't give them 'a treat'? I believe in making them suffer the consequences but not that painful.
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Revenge is the action of passion, vengeance is an act of justice. Revenge is nvere the best driver for battle, but a common one
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No,I don't ever think of revenging any hurtful thing done to me because I live by the tenets and principles of the Creator and we are admonished to leave all revenge to God because he will do a far better job which I believe it a better option for me.

Personally, I don't think we can even do a better job when it comes to revenge because we might even still be angry and sometimes even hurt ourselves in the process. Just like one killing someone that seriously offended him or her and in the process might go to jail either for life or killed by hanging. You see that in this scenario the hunter have become the hunted. This doesn't make any sense.

The best bet is leaving all revenge to God,he is a better rewarder and he will revenge better and we will not even need to lift a finger to revenge.
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Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more a man's natures run into, the more ought loaw to weed it out.
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Yes, I have. A couple of times, to be honest. I feel like seeking for revenge whenever people dear to me have been hurt so bad, and the ones who hurt them just went away with it. I think we all have been in this kind of situation. We feel more for other people than for ourselves. We all want to protect our loved ones from all the cruelties of this world--be it circumstances in life or just other people trying to piss them off. No one wants to see the people they care so much go through so much pain.

But let us always remind ourselves that it is not only wrong to take revenge but that it is pointless because it will only add fuel to the fire. If we will focus our minds into this thought and eventually carry it out, then the other person will just do the same. In the end, it will just be a cycle of rage and hurting and unkindness, and no one would eventually gain something from that. The goal in every situation, whether it is failure, being cheated on, or being betrayed, is to learn something from it. To overcome this intense feeling of anger, one has to rise above it--one has to be the bigger person. It doesn't mean that you are losing out; but rather you are being wise and clever and understanding enough to let it pass and choose to live up with your ideals despite the forces that seek to bring you down.
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Men often mistake killing and revenge for justice. They seldom the stomach for justice. Justice is Revenge.
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Yes. I have wanted to take a revenge on my colleague in working place. But after I realized it is wrong decision. Revenge is not make me happy. It gives me pain, mental stress,etc.

So forgive or move on.
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If a injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.
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Revenge is natural to human but it takes self control and a higher self consciousness to hold back, based on my religion I understand that we should not take revenge, that there are spiritual laws that exist to handle revenge for us. 
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To take a life when a life has lost is revenge, not justice. An eye to an eye leads to more blindness
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I never dared to do this. But I face the evil relatives without any second thoughts. For love to my immediate family, I need to protect them. To make it swimmingly, we decided to cut the tie with them. Now, we forgave them and we forgot them all.
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Vengeance is in my heart, death in my band, Blood revenge are hammering in my head.
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Yes I did. But I learn that looking for revenge is because you have an anger in you. Looking for justice is because you want a peace.

Karma is not real. The real thing is God makes our lives balanced.
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Yes, it is a human nature: if someone hits you, you think of taking revenge on him. 

May I think so, but I keep this feeling of revenge confined to my inner self and leave everything to the God that whatever he does he will do well..
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Yes I sometimes want to take revenge the bullies at school in other way or praying a bad thing happens to the teachers and neighbours who had humiliated me when I was kid.
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