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I need some ideas of what to do. What do you like? Thank you for sharing them here a lot!

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I'm sorry, but where are you from? If that's not a secret of course. As for me, I like to go to the nightclub in my native Greenwood city, there are a lot of girls that agree to get some relationship. For example, you can find out here all night clubs located in Greenwood (usa).

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My hobby is creating some nice and interesting small accessories like lapel pins, for example. I think it is really cool. I also create Custom Lapel Pins on for my friends and family, the like such things a lot, I have to say. What do you think about it?
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I recommend you to do online courses, learn a new skill, learn a new language, play sports, learn a musical instrument, for example, I play the guitar when I'm bored, watch funny videos, read, listen to music, spend less time on facebook , try to make money in your free time (there are many pages for that), work as a freelancer, you have so many options for such a short life !!!!
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My hobbies are reading and watching horror moviea and series. And lately, I've been addicted to making money online. I spend most of my time working as I am a student at university and I need to work to support myself. For reading, I am interested in history, philosophy, psychology and forensic sciences. I love true crime shows as well and I read a lot about serial killers. For history, I read a lot about ancient civilizations and I love discovering little-known cultures and customs. I am also a big fan of philosophy and I love reading novels and classics. I think it's very important we spend our free time doing things that both entertain us and are also beneficial. I also listen to music a lot.
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My hobby is making Chicken Macaroni. I am making macaroni before but I never thought that it tastes amazing on some people. One time I brought at pack at work and everyone loves it. On every occasion at work, they are expecting one of the food serve is my chicken macaroni. Even myself, I could create something wonderful. Since then, I start making chicken macaroni every week. My co-workers said that I should make it as a business. I don't have time right now as I am busy with online and offline job but surely this gives me an idea of a good business in the future. Aside from that, I am busy with some digital arts. I am creating design but I know it is not good enough compared to the ones that master this one. It became a hobby because I know I met my passion.
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I have a lot of hobbies - football, music, video games, running, reading, and so on. Depending on my mood, I choose one of the above hobbies and do it. Recently a new hobby appeared, every month I began to go to one of the live concerts in my city. I like the emotions that I get when I attend a concert, everyone should feel it. By the way, if there are people from my city who would like to go to the upcoming concerts in Winnipeg, the dates of interesting concerts can be found here (cool site). By the way, I recommend go to concerts with friends (so much more fun). Perhaps it is not very good to have a large number of hobbies. So how difficult it is to be good at everything. Although, on the other hand, it is very difficult to do something alone.

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I don't think I have specific hobbies since I easily lose interest even in the simplest things like social media. But what I often do during my free time is to watch or rewatch my favorite series. Doing this lightens up my mood and gets me motivated to do the things I need to do.

I am not an expert in cooking but I love preparing food for myself. Hence, whenever I have the chance, I try to search for unique recipes and try it for myself. Oftentimes, the dish ends up looking very unpleasant but still the act of cooking keeps me distracted. But when I do need to get away from all the hassle and bustle of life, I always resort to reading. I still have pile of unread books waiting for me to uncover them. They vary from sci-fi, YA, drama, etc. What I read depends on my mood at that moment.
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