I attended high school during the late 60s, early 70s.  Back in the day Physical Education was a required class.  There were great games I learned to play in my PE class.  But there was one game in particular I did not like.  GOLF!!  I am convinced that this is one of those games that either you love it or you hate it.  I hate it!  Sometimes I wish I loved it.  Have you any idea the kind of money professional golfers make?  25 highest-paid golfers of all time on the PGA Tour  The game of golf is huge in the USA.  It used to be just a man's game but women are getting in on the fun too!  Many golfers play for the money but a lot of people really enjoy a good game of golf.  What about you?


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I am not really down with the game of golf but that does not mean I don't have some basic information about the players. I was more interested in it during the hey days of Tiger Wood. I prefer sports that keeps me entertained when watching them, like football, basketball, etc.
I'm not really a fan of golf sports and if I'm being very honest about it, I'm not really impressed with golf because all I know is that the ball is hit to enter the hole in the ground. I haven't played golf in real life but I have given it a try in games. 

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My dad was a keen golfer when he was alive and when my sister and I were little he used to take us on putting greens, little miniature golf courses which we loved. As an adult I must say I'm not particularly interested in golf although I can see it requires a lot of skill and as you say pays phenomenal amounts of money if you play professionally. It's strange but my dad also played cricket and bowls, two other sports which I find boring; these sports definitely seemed more popular back in the 60s and 70s. Golf was not on the syllabus at my school so we didn't have to endure it but I wonder whether I would have preferred it to hockey which I hated.
This question has brought back fond memories of my dad. I can see our old house with his golf clubs sitting in the cupboard and remember him heading off in the car to play the game with his friends. Happy days remembering my life at home with my mum, dad and sister.
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I love it when I say something that brings back a fond memory for someone else. <3

I like your reply.  Although I've never played it, I think Miniature Golf would be fun.  :)

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Golf is one game I love to play,this club and ball sport is very entertaining and enjoyable on a good day and I'm planning to join a club where a competition is done quarterly which enable one to do better with the sport and also wins freebies.

I like the game of golf because apart from the fun it brings, one is sure of getting some health and mental benefits from playing it.

Playing golf is a form of exercise that can help strengthen the muscles,boost one's energy, elevate heart rate,speed up metabolism, burn calories which in turns will help in weight loss.

Playing golf helps in mental alertness,helps to reduce stress and anxiety,it helped makes one feel relaxed since it is always played in a natural place,so one is sure of getting the best from such environment.

It's good to play golf when one have the time.
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actually i do not like golf because i never go to play golf and i think it is not available in many county and city because that i do not like it and i dont know the rules
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this was my answer and golf is some how different than other sports
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Different people get differing experiences from the game, which might be the secret to its popularity. There are some universal themes, however, which I will attempt to describe.

A golf “shot” makes a little white ball fly through the air (and/or run on the ground). Before every shot there is an anticipation — what will the ball do? It’s just sitting there. Where will it go? How will it travel? Magnificently? Hilariously? Pathetically? Unless you play with experts, nobody knows.

It’s something like the human attraction to gambling, say, with dice or a slot machine. If the right number comes up or the slot machine hits a little payoff, we get a satisfying hit of dopamine. And if not, a little disappointment, and then another chance at a good or at least decent “shot.” Of dopamine.

Or when a longish putt falls into the hole. Outside of 6 or 8 feet for most golfers, a putt falling in is pure chance. The statistical odds are actually similar to that of dice or poker hands.

But there’s an extra, amplifying factor. We cause the ball to move by a set of personal decisions and physical actions. That creates an emotional investment in the shot — something that expert golfers studiously attempt to avoid, but many recreational golfers relish, perhaps to a fault.

When a “good shot” happens, the emotional investment increases the dopamine hit — and risks despair if we don’t experience a decent or good shot often enough.

A key fundamental of drama and comedy is getting the audience emotionally invested in what’s happening. It’s as old as storytelling around the fire in the cave. Wielding metal “clubs,” hunting for our balls and striking them at targets is not so different. We humans have been fascinated by projectiles since we developed the unique ability to throw rocks and spears accurately. A soaring golf ball calls up some sort of primordial joy about being human.

Bad shots in golf look awful. Mediocre shots (there are a lot of those) advance the ball toward completing our goal (finishing the hole) at least. Good or great shots are amazing. Just a 100-yard pitch, landing within decent putting range, is incredible. The hole’s a football field away!!!

And because luck also plays a part in how the wind or land might affect the ball’s journey, there’s always the spectre of randomness affecting all shots. Surprises can and do happen, and we humans tend to find surprises entertaining. My friends were highly amused recently when I hit a “perfect shot” that struck the flagstick and flew off the green into the trees.

You just shake your head in wonder sometimes.

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Yeah I do enjoy this good game of call for a compass competitive is complete with me and then do not lose the hope

Apparent weather should be pleasant so that the players gets enthusiasm and play with full spirit
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