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Fresh water fish only
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The way this question is worded I didn't know if you meant a fish for a pet or a fish to eat.  I will assume you meant as a pet and the only fish is that has always been recommended for "starters" and especially for kids are goldfish.
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All fish are good for the health of your kid but try to avoid those ones that are laden with mercury primarily catfish. The mercury in this fish are heavy metal that are poisonous to the consumers. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, you still see people buying this type of fish. Since you are talking about kid, avoid those fish with bones so that they don't get stuck in his throat.
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I agree with @cmoneyspinner, if its for pet I think any kind tiny fish is okay to pet. If it is for food intake, fresh water fish like catfish is good.

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When I was little we didn't get a choice of which fish we could have, it seemed there were only goldfish and we usually won them at the fair. These days it is very different there are such a variety of fish which can be found in pet shops and it is believed to be cruel to keep them in those round bowls. If I remember they never lived long in those and they are now usually kept in tanks.

I still think that a goldfish is good for children due to it's pretty colour and size. Tetra fish are also very pretty and a good choice. If you are going to have a variety of fish it is best to get advice from a pet shop or someone who has knowledge of fish as some do not live well with others.

A fish is a great pet for a child but they do need regular cleaning and a filter as the tank can get slimy and give off a horrible smell.
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Fish is really good for kids because it contain unsaturated fat and omega 3 which will help to build the kids nervous system and heart.

Kids need fish that have low can have fish like Salmon,tuna fish,cod,catfish,Pollock etc These are good source of protein for the kids and it helps to supply vitamins and minerals for the kid's body.

It pertinent that kids take more fish than meat and to make a child likes fish more,offer the child fish more frequently,eat fish yourself so that the child get used to it,do more of fish meals so that they can get enough nutrients from fish consumption.
Parents should always encourage kids to eat fish it will help build both the muscles and bones making children grow healthily.
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I think gold fishes are still one of the best fishes for children. Aside from being inexpensive, these fishes are readily available almost anywhere. However, if you're looking for some fancy fishes, you might want to try the fluorescent fishes, which are now being referred to as Glofish. These fishes come in different colors such as Electric Green, Moonrise Pink, and Cosmic Blue.

These fluorescent fishes are the first publicly genetically engineered pets. Essentially, they are the common zebra fishes that thrive in Bangladesh. Scientists then, through various researches, were able to come up with the idea of extracting the protein from jellyfishes and inserting them into the zebra fish genome, which in turn makes them fluoresce under blue light.
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I suggest gold fish, but other than goldfish you can try guppies they are cute also and its not complicated to groom and breed them.
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I agree with @chrisking that we should avoid catfish for kid or anybody as it carries mercury and other heavy poisonous metal.

So my suggested fishes are

  1.  Salmon
  2.  Herring
  3.  Trout

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