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Basically, aquariums are for beautification of one's home because you can't obviously eat a fish kept in an aquarium except maybe it's commercial kind of it. But for those domestic ones, there fishes can't be eaten.
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If you planning to have an aquarium, you have to consider to look after them. Aquariums are good display especially with beautiful fishes you pick from the market, it will not only catch your eyes but they also have a unique therapy that makes people happy.

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It will never be a bad idea to have an aquarium because of its enormous health benefits. Aquarium which is a tank of water that housed fishes, other creatures or plants is worth having at home and one can enjoy the gains therein.

Having aquarium at home can help reduce stress,stress can be reduced by just relaxing  right? Then it will worthwhile doing the resting with watching the fishes swam in the aquarium and this can make one sit  for a long time just can help lower blood pressure and anxiety, mere gazing at aquarium for sometime can help make one forget some worries and help focus on something as beautiful as an can also benefits the kids in home especially the hyper kids it will help slow them  down because they will steady watching the aquarium.
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The best reason for having an aquarium if for the benefit of the fish, the space it gives them to roam around their tank. You can buy all sorts of additions to make it attractive so it becomes a feature in your house.

I have also read that it has health benefits for adults and children too.  For hyperactive children it has a calming effect and for seniors it can reduce stress and anxiety and has even shown to have health benefits for those suffering from Alzheimers disease.

However if you are going to have an aquarium in your home you need to research on how to keep one. One of the biggest problems I have heard is over feeding which will not be obvious right away. It will in time cause cloudy water, algae and eventually fish poisoning so it's best to read up on how much you should feed your fish and to explain to your children on how dangerous overfeeding can be,
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Keeping an aquarium has many benefits like it reduces stress as when we see different colourful fishes our mind concentrates on that and radically reduces stress. Aquarium helps to those patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. They reduce their aggressive behavior. It also improves sleep pattern and also eases pain. That is why clinics and hospitals keep an aquarium in the waiting area.

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