What is the pros and cons of having small aquarium tank and large aquarium tank
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Having a bigger tank for your fishes is the best thing to do as this is one way that they fishes will have fresh air always. As long as procreation is concerned, a bigger tank is the best thing to do. 

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I have had many fish tanks in the last 15 years. I started off with a small tank and worked my way up to a 500-liter tank. I have to say that I prefer the larger tanks over the smaller ones. Here is why I would suggest going with a larger tank. 

  1. They cost almost the same to set up in the beginning. You will still need to invest in the tank, the filter, and the air pump. It is a bit cheaper to buy the gravel for a smaller tank than a larger one that is for sure. But the cost of the filter and the air pump cost the same no matter if it is a large tank or a small one.
  2. In a larger tank, you won't need to change out the water as often. This is time-consuming and you still need a bowl to add the fish to when changing out the water in the tank.
  3. The larger tanks get dirty less often and you don't need to change the water as often in them. In a small tank, you might be able to go for 2 to 4 weeks before changing out the water. 
  4. No matter what the fish grow and in small tanks, they outgrow the tank much quicker.
  5. I found out in a small tank that it is easier to get an infection in the water than it is in a larger tank. You'll end up treating the tank more often for infections. 
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Small tanks are great for when you're not too invested in having a very diverse ecosystem in your aquarium. They're extremely maneuverable, and you'll be able to get a lot of fish for a cheap price that can thrive in smaller tanks. However, it's hard to fit filters in small tanks, and you have to clean them more frequently.
Larger tanks are for when you want an extremely eye-catching display, with large and colorful fish. It's also recommended for people who invest lots of time in choosing fish, and wish for a diverse aquarium full of different species and breeds. These are more bulky and take up space, but you can fit filters into them. They also stay clean for longer periods of time.
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there are so many pros and cons of having small and large aquarium tank 

The cost is the same to set up you need to invest in the tank in order to produce more 

But the small invest which is better is the small tank aquarium
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I think that depends on the type of fish you can keep. Some fish can stay with small tank. And some require you to have a bigger tank. Along with the sand and other stuff which they need as their ecosystem. You can make use of the bigger fish tank if you choose those type of fishes. Otherwise the small fish tank can be good enough in that case. 
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