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I used to walk everywhere but since I got a car and I no longer need to walk my granddaughter to school I am aware that I do not walk enough. I have two dogs which I take out every day but I feel I should walk more. A brisk walk each day is really good for you. Do you walk enough?

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Walking is part of recommended exercise that one supposed to be engaging in on daily basis. Owing to the reason that it is the simplest of workout that anyone can partake in at any time of the day. And the benefits it has on the body is approximately equal to that of jogging. Long distance trekking is good for the overall functioning of the body as it helps to meet up the daily requirements for exercises.

Like you said, you can actually be motivated to trek especially if you have a pet like dog. With the help of a dog you can walk long distance that you couldn't have walked if it was on your own.

But the problem we are facing this days is that instead of getting encouraged to trek, we prefer the use of cars. And this means of transportation does not in any way make up for the benefits long distance trekking offers.

We should learn to walk instead of driving or taking means of transportations especially if they are those places we can trek to.
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Yes,i believe I walk enough daily because I do more of walking than taking a ride to anywhere I'm going to.walking is a good exercise for the body and people should engage in it more.
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Walking makes me perspire. I know before that I lost weight when I was trying to make 10,000 steps a day. On my way to work, I can have 5000 steps already and going home from work, I have 5000 steps again. I lost weight but during that time, I was trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day that is why I think drinking water has something to do with losing weight also. If you cannot have or do some exercise due to your busy time, you can do brisk walking. If you cannot do it, just walk on your way to wherever you go. 10000 steps a day will help you lose an inch of your belly fats. It will make you lose some fats in belly, legs and back. Also, it can promote good heart rate just like jogging but on a slower slide. If you cannot afford to take a diet and exercise, you should walk.
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I do take long walks because I'm on a weight loss journey and I add a lot of cardio exercises to my OMAD diet and it has really being helpful.

Walking can be very helpful with weight loss that is why I'm adding it to my daily routine.on a very good day I do brisk walk for about an hour or more to burn calories to reduce weight.Walkning enable one to strengthen the bones and build stamina and balance.it helps to promote body's fitness like the heart and lungs. One is sure of reduced heart diseases and heart attack even stroke.it naturally help one do away with stiffness, pains and high blood pressure. So many health benefits derived from walking.

I will keep up increasing the duration daily until I have the stamina for walking more than 2 or more hours at a go.
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No. I don't. My current routine only includes me going to work and back home to my apartment. There are occasional night-outs in relatively far places but it is very rare that I would get out of breath from going there. I live approximately 2 km from my office but even though my apartment is just a few blocks away, I still take a ride when going to work because I do not want to arrive looking very tired and sweaty.

I am aware of the benefits of brisk walking, which includes increased cardiovascular fitness, improved bone strength, reduced excess body fat and muscle power but for some reason, I cannot find the motivation to go out and take a walk. Also, not to sound as an excuse but the weather here is quite unpredictable. It may be sunny all day but rain will suddenly pour down in the afternoon, which then again, makes me want to just stay at home.
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I would say that I take walks occasionally. My work place is some two kilometers from home. I don't walk all the way there in the mornings because I don't like to get sweaty but most times, in the evenings after work and when the weather is calm, I opt for taking a nice walk back home. This really helps me a lot as it a good way of exercising by working the entire body muscles just like jogging.

I've come across an app called sweatcoin. Although it is restricted to certain locations, I think it is a very good way to track how much you walk in a day. All the steps you make outdoors and not indoors counts. The good thing about it in that there are rewards attached to it when you reach a certain number of steps. I think this is an awesome way to walk more.
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