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I love answering questions where I can add a personal experience and seek these out. I think it can add value to a question if it is something that you or maybe other people can relate to. What do you think?
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Off course. It sometimes depends on the question. Answers given to some questions might sometimes seem complex. An instance or story of a personal experience breaks it down for clearer understanding. 
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I think answering a question is basically from experiences and knowledge, without these you can't say something with sense.

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I enjoy answering questions where I can add my personal experience because I can able to help other people in the manner that I will put my story to make it understandable. I even love reading answers and replies that are sharing their personal experience. When the questions are about my experiences, it is easy to answer and explain my thoughts when I am sharing my personal stories. I can even relate to some of the stories I am reading after my answer. It is easy to meet the 120 words as well if you will add your personal experience. The answer will be more helpful to the one who started the question if you can really relate to it. When the one who started the question will read about personal experience,it makes them think they are not the only one.
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Yes. I do enjoy answering questions that would let me share personal experiences. Other than the fact that these questions are way easier to answer than those requiring technical knowledge, the way we write our response would be very different--it's just as if we're telling a story to a friend! Moreover, in doing so, other people may pick something up from our experience, especially when we are deemed more experienced on the subject at hand that the 'questioner'. They'd be able to weigh their options better, as we are somehow providing them a glimpse of the other side of the coin.

Apart from that, we may also impart them the realizations that we have come to arrive at after going through such experience. And if they are to choose the same path that we have taken, then they'd be more comfortable to do so, as we, ourselves, have been the living proof that every experience, good or bad, holds within it a lesson of some kind.
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As for me, I don't see anything that is far more exciting to relating my personal experiences on any question, especially if, it is the type that requires it. It avails me the perfect channel to reach out to those reading the piece how i managed to pull through such moments in my life, and perhaps also help them to make informed decisions if they are faced with similar challenges tomorrow.

I guess that is the joy of being a writer, being able to share something others can gain from momentously. It goes beyond just being creative and constructive but having that common touch with your audience. Anything outside that of intuitive perceptibility to effectively communicate your experiences to others, it is seen as content of quantity without quality. Honestly, a piece of such won't be able to strike a cord in the readers souls.
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I definitely love answering questions that I can relate to. Experience is the best teacher so when you have lived through something, it is much more easier for you to make reference to it. Also when people see that you have a personal experience, they tend to believe in you more than when you give logical explanations or a general perspective.

Sharing experiences also makes the narrative more interesting even for other readers. This can stem to multiple questions and extended answers all relating to the initial question. I love to read other people's stories. It gives me a better understanding of who they really are as well. That kind of knowledge subsequently helps me build a kind of mental relationship with the person answering my questions.
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You're definitely right,I love to learn and read personal experiences because I can learn a lot from it.Google answers sometimes are mere theories and not necessarily facts but to get the real fact from and learn from a thing,it better one learn from other experiences.

I also always want to change my personal experience or experiences in my post especially if need be,I know it could motivate, teach or just enlighten the next person so why don't I do it always if it will really be of help.

I think the most reason of forum posting by different people is for others to learn and draw facts from the different expressions of different people.

In fact I like to get answers to any issue I'm researching about from forums which I know content personal experience than from blogs
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Yes I love answering questions that I can add my own experience in answering them. I love the way I get to share with other people what I know. I also share confidently because it is something that has happened to me and I am sure of what I will be talking about. Moreover, I get to expound more on my knowledge as I  first look for more information to add to my own experience before giving an answer.
Answering something that you know little or nothing about it can be so tedious. You will have to search the internet first or ask others who might know about it before answering. This wastes a lot of time and you might end up giving a wrong answer after all the struggle you have gone through in searching for the answer. Therefore to avoid this, I usually answer questions that I can share my own experience.
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Yes I enjoy answering those questions because in as much as I post my experience I also get to read the hell other people have been through and I get comfort in that knowing that am not the only person going through hard time. The only problem I have when answering those questions is that I find myself  giving more information than I tend to give.

I just don't think anything can happen to me giving information whether its right or not. In fact some people will always comfort you, if you're going through tough times. Then the good thing with these questions, you can always find answers faster and don't need to think too much to make up characters just to meet the limit. They also save time since you don't have to do some research unlike other questions.

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