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You need to elaborate on this question a little more and let us know what it is you will be attending and why it is important to you. Then we can help you.
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I think this is in relation to the questions pertaining to webinars. If I am correct, then the answer to your question is yes. Typically, all other guests/attendees can be seen in the webinar. However, you have the option whether or not you want to write your fullname or provide a display name instead.
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Off course they'll be aware that am attending. Not just me alone, but both of us, we'll show up and make everyone know we were there.. #laughs
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No, it is not good to let people know whatever you're attending except those close to you. Attending event requires some level of discretion, it is not everything one does that everybody must be aware off.
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Yes, I think it a follow up on the webinar questions. The answer is simply yes,others will be aware that you attended with them.
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If you know anyone that you about to attend either it's a party or a graduation day. Of course they will notice you especially if ypu known them for so long.

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If you are invited to the party with your friends and family, most of them will notice that you are there. It is necessary to say hi and hello to your friends and family when attending a party. It also depends on what type are you attending with, party, meeting at work, or friend, or anything that you are invited or needed your presence. If attending at work meeting,of course they will surely notice your because you have to log in your details that you were there. If you cannot attend, they will also question you why you were not there during the meeting. Do not be cautious if people will ot not notice you when you are attending, just be there and be your self and enjoy the party or pay attention if you are attending a meeting. Especial moment like this no need to be questioned about.

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