Is there a point that you just felt you don't want to do what you are doing, like working in the office, working part time, in a relationship, in living a house, or any kind of experiences in life.
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Yes, I do feel that sometimes I don't want to be in a relationship anymore because, it makes me feel sad and not happy at all.

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Yes there have been many times when I felt my life was stagnating. You reach a crossroads and wonder what you are doing and how you got there. I think the biggest life changer for me was after my marriage broke up. I hit an all time low and life seemed to stand still. I was going through the motions, bringing up the children as best I could but I was very unhappy and felt that I wanted to run away from it all. I think my children saved me because I knew I had to hold it all together for them and when I came out the other side I decided to make some big life changes. I got my sister to look after the children and got a part time job. I loved the adult company and earning my own money and no longer pined after what was in the past.

I think there comes a time for everyone when they reach a crossroads in their life and they know they need to make changes if they are to grow and move on. Once you make that decision things become clearer in your mind but it's up to you to make that leap of faith. You will instinctively know if it is the right thing to do.
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Yes the decision became the turning points of that crossroads. I have always bee doing this. It happened to me 3 times already and to escape from it, I decide to change my decision and then I was freed.
I like your answer very much thank you for giving European it's useful for everyone and I like your answer is very very much thanks a lot bro
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Yes,I got tired of 5-9 job job last year and quitted  to be self employed and I'm looking out at doing this for a few years while I run other things that will also help my life to grow.

My office job as an accountant too so much from. In fact it was like I was living for just my job,missed my social life,playing and helping the kids,spending time with loved ones,visiting places,attending events and even sometimes attending church.My life was about travelling and balancing my account books and I felt life was more than that and I needed to slow down a bit and sometimes smell the flowers.

I might not go back to working for a firm,I'm using this time to get all the certifications to become a chartered accountant then I could become a consultant some day and have my consultation firm that I could run alone or with a partner.
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I think you are choosing the best option for yourself. I do believe that is the best decision. When we are no longer happy with what we are doing, it will not make us look forward that we feel tired. I say goodluck to you.
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Yes there are always those moments. In fact relationships. When I start new relationships, am always jovial and always giving out my best. But with time, the love starts fading and I feel like quitting the relationship with no good reasons. Even in my current relationship, its less than a month and I really don't like it at all. I easily get bored with people and whenever I go to see him, some inner voice starts telling me, what am I doing?
Yeah even the course that am doing at campus usually put me in such scenerio many times. When I start analysing the course and it's marketability, I get frustrated. I reaches a time and I wish that I could have done something related to medicine or engineering but it's now too late. I just have accept things the way they are.
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This only means we need to start new things so that we will look forward and be inspired again. Or maybe sometimes when we get tired of doing things over and over, we need to do something different to act as our outlet.
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Yes. There are points in my life when I do not want to do what I'm doing. This has happened to me when I was still in college. There were times when I really cannot comprehend very well the majority of lessons being taught to us. Everyday is a dreadful day. Every examination is like a curse. During those times, I was on the verge of giving up had it not for my parents. I do not want to disappoint them or to make them worry about me; hence, even though I am no longer happy with what's happening to me, I still managed to get through with it.

When I graduated and struggled with the first work I landed to, I also wanted to quit. I eventually did, by the way. But during those moments, I realized that I have the freedom to walkaway if I no longer find purpose in what I am doing. I can't see how the company values their employees, and this environment has affected my work performance so much that I chose to leave despite having co-workers whom I got to be close friends with.
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Every day we are giving an option and we need to decide from it because if we are no longer happy of what we are doing, there is no point in staying there. We need to do something new, something that we really love to be happy again.
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Before quitting my job, I have always had the desire of not continuing with it. It was something I look forward to on daily basis especially the discomforting feelings it creates in me every morning, which obviously I didn't want it to linger on for long. It was even worst when I had to wake up those mornings I wasn't in the right frame of mind to. It was an experience that was really draining all my energy. And honestly, it was no longer fun to be living a boring lifestyle, and all of it made me feel trapped in maze of doing same thing for so many years.

I just knew that it was time all these whole constant pressure has to stop. It would have been better if I was feeling indifferent about the job then getting some sort of motivation from those I was working for(employer) and with(colleagues).

The management were not putting encouraging structures in place that would make one to give more of his/her talents. As for the colleagues, almost all of them weren't fun to work with anymore as they were increasingly becoming insensitive with their office politics of engaging in all forms of gossips, backbiting, etc. All these culminated into the thought of me leaving such environment.
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Yes especially when you are on the wrong path, the feelings always accompanies guilt and shame and the resolution that comes to heart is that to discontinue from the shameful act and repent and turn a new leave for the better 
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