Whether it is an celebrity, someone you know that has passed, your pets or anyone that you can think of, who do you want to get clone and why?
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Lol. That's one of the biggest dreams I've heard. Who knows, there's possibility everywhere. Different strokes for different folks. I don't want to live until when all my loved ones are only pieces of memories. 
Honestly, I wouldn't might if I can have my mom cloned. She is the only person in my life I really wish to have around till I am gone. It pains me to the bone to know that a day is going to come I would have to live without her.
@ChrisKing this is really heart breaking but I wish if the day comes, I wish you are prepared to it, or I know no one is prepared for it but still I  hope you can able to accept...
@grecy095 it's just an imaginary thought though. I am already aware that death is inevitable thus i have already prepared in my mind for either of any relative of mine that it would take. I just pray God gives us all long life and prosperity with peace of mind before we are faced with the transition of returning home.
I want  to be cloned is Kristen Stewart because I like her face look like.

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A clone is a creature which resembles you but a totally different being. That thought of having a clone has never crossed my mind because am not a biologist hence don't find any crucial reason of having a clone.  Besides creating a clone is quite expensive as much as concerned because of the technology required in the whole process of creating. I have been reading that most clones have several health complications and can't stay for such a long period of time. Whether this is true or false, I just don't know.
But then, if cloning was compulsory, I'd love to be cloned my cousin. According to me she's always perfect, I know no one is perfect but for her she's extra smart,cute and with brains. Have always admired her but I can't just tell her.
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yes, they are totally different being as the attitude is not the same. Yes, I also heard they doesn't last long and could get an illness in a short period of time. 
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I think it would be someone like Winston Churchill, a British politician and Prime Minister who made a stand against fascism and lead us to victory in the second World War, He was an inspirational man, writer and orator and I don't think this country has ever seen anyone quite like him since his death in 1965.

However he was said to have a dark side too.  George Bush kept a bust of Churchill  at the White House but Obama sent it back to Britain because his Kenyan grandfather was imprisoned and tortured for 2 years without trial under Churchill's reign for resisting his empire. Can a man who did so much good and became a national icon really have such a conflicting side? I would love to talk to him and find out whether he really was the man he was reported to be.
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This is very interesting. I do not know much about Winston Churchill and I want to know more about him. With all of what you said about him, it seems he is a very respected man.
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I just want my pets to get cloned. I mean, they're not really pets. They are family. And it breaks my heart whenever I know that it's their time to leave. Everytime I get to experience watching a pet go, I sob uncontrollably and question myself whether I can still bear the thought of having to lose another one.

Cloning them might be a good solution to this. However, I don't think the cloned one would recognize me, especially if that one's been created after the original passed away. Every clone would possess different identities or memories, and would not just assume the identity of the original. But although such is the case, I think this would be a good start into creating a world where pets could live as long as we humans do.
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There are already people doing that but the attitude is not the same. I am not sure if that is successful but this is all done because the owner terribly missed the pets and they just want them to see their pets again, alive. 

Yes but seeing them is still very different from being with them. If I may ask, do you want to see your pets again even if it's just a clone?

As much as I want, I think I will go on the part that I respect their demise rather than having another them. I would wish an egg cell could be place on another dog for them to bear their offspring rather than cloned. And cloning is really expensive. 
You mean the artificial insemination kind of thing? I think these have been done in some animals. I just don't know whether there have been attempts in dogs.
I am not sure with dogs, as I haven't seen someone do it or maybe in some countries it was done. I can accept the insemination more as I am not sure of the cloning thing. 
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Perhaps I could get my sister cloned or maybe my entire family but I know that it is never the same. Having the clone is one thing but the idea that it is the same person coming back is a little absurd. Other than the fact that they will be exact replica of the original person, that's all they will be actually. Only a replica!

Unless there's some sort of technology that can transfer the original persons memory into the clone, hence the clone can assume that he or she is the other person, there's really no use other than selfish satisfaction. This also make me think about whether that would be deceitful to the clone on our own part.

I doubt if the people we love that have passed would want another creature who looks exactly like them going about their business. I would settle with cloning for medical procedures.
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If we have a hardware inserted in our brain, we could, but our brain is not like that. It is not like a computer, but what you said make sense. I think we cannot do an exact double, even with twins it does imperfectly too.
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If I want to get cloned, I choose my friends mother. Yes, my friend shows so much love towards his mother. I want to be in that place and get his love. 
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