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Is it really true that love is blind? And if it is why are couples not over looking each others shortcomings? Because if they do, I don't think there would be misunderstanding that would eventually leads to break up.
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They say love is blind because it is a modernized version of an old scripture.  The scripture says "Love covers a multitude of sins."  It's not just love between a man and a woman in a relationship, it love in all relationships.  When you love a person you are willing to overlook and/or forgive them for all kinds of transgressions.  But I like to tell people "Love is blind.  Not stupid!"  Some people think that because you love them, you'll let them do anything to you and you will erase it as if it never happened.  A person with an attitude and behavior like that is dangerous!  That means they don't care what kind of hurt and pain they cause you.  You can forgive this person.  But you need steer your way clear of this person too!

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Love is blind is just a saying, and I don't believe in this matter not unless you love poison your lover.

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This saying comes about because when we are deeply in love with someone we are able to overlook all their bad faults. Something about them overpowers everything. When I was young I had a boyfriend with very bad acne and people used to ask me what I saw in him but I thought he was gorgeous and hardly noticed his skin. After we broke up I could see what others saw although I still thought he was a nice person and we were friends for years before we went out separate ways.
Unfortunately this can also work in a bad way when one person abuses another either emotionally or physically. The victim will make excuses for the abuse because he/she is so in love with them and does not want to believe they are doing wrong.

In a good relationship a couple will be able to recognise their partner's minor faults but be able to overlook them. Taking the rough with the smooth is all part of being in a truly loving relationship as no one is perfect.
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You're right, they can't look down upon each other because it may lead to break ups. Love is blind and you find that you cannot see someone else defects or other side. According to you, your pattern seems perfect that's only if you're in love with him. Some people especially ladies will fake that love especially if you have good money.

Nowadays I doubt whether that  slogan of "love is blind exists". People have completely changed and no one is to be trusted. Most people nowadays don't need longest relationship which might lead to marriage because the rate of unfaithfulness is high. People will just love you so that they can collect money and when they're tired they tend to pave way. In summary, people have opened their eyes and only a few are stuck in blind love.
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The love is blind when one of the person is not a disadvantage to another person but the other person chooses to love that person no matter what. Like what my mother did to my father. My father is a good father but he had short comings when it comes to being the head of the family and a husband to my mother. We had a lot of problems because of him. He caused the problems most of the time. A person who should be leading the family is the one that is making it fall. However, we love him. Regardless of all the trouble he had done to us, we choose to be with him until the time he died. We already forgotten what he had done wrong. I think love is blind because we accepted that he is not perfect, he was no overly a good man but he is the one that make us of who we are today.
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Love is one of the most powerful emotions that we humans experience. No matter how familiar we are to it, we still cannot predict how or why or when it would occur. But love, as a matter of fact, is NOT blind. It sees but it doesn't mind. No matter how many faults or imperfections we see of the person we love, it won't matter at all because we accept them for who they are. We accept them wholly along with the faults and imperfections, because we, too, aren't perfect at all.

While you are correct that love should always prevail in any situation we are in, truth is, that condition will only be possible in an ideal world. In reality, we humans are also capable of expressing other forms of emotions such as fear, anger, and disgust; a mixture of these emotions is what makes us human. However, if we get overpowered by either one of these negative emotions, that's the time when we go blind. We tend to overlook all the good things, all the good memories, and choose to hate the person we once loved. I think this is what causes couples to break up.
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The saying goes love is blind. Not because it doesn't see all the faults and shortcomings but because love can cloud it all. Love is the strongest emotion that links all human beings in one strong bond. Regardless of what conflict we see around, it would have been a world of carcass without love.

As much as it is a feeling often not controlled, it is also a choice to let it take control. When people let love rule all and turn a blind eye to all the negativity, that is when it is perceived that love is blind. But in reality, we are only humans and just like we can't control the feelings of love, there are other emotions that tend to take the best part of us.

When this happens, it doesn't mean that love isn't in the background. It remains a crippled feeling, misunderstanding prevails and you'll see broken relationships eventually. It takes some strength and effort to get love to rule again.
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Love is blind simply means that an imperfect person try to accommodate the imperfections of another person and try to see the person as perfect.I think this is how we should  treat the one we love but our imperfect nature always kick in and get in the way to spoil things.

Love is not hurtful,violent, unkind,seeking for just self, selfish or stingy but humans are gradually becoming lover's of self and make love get out of the window which is not suppose to be.

Sometimes what people called love in a relationship wasn't really love.They went in for what they could gain from it and when once what they wanted to gain is no longer there,they want to leave the relationship in all disguise. Couples that genuinely loved themselves will always stick together through thick and thin.

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