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North Korea's nuclear threats and related news have made not only the USA but the whole world panic. Is there any chance of a war outcome? Is there anything to worry about? How will be the worries and anxiety of US citizens going to turn out to be a war?

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North Korea is not likely to attack the USA because of a few different reasons:

1) The USA is a country that has more backup, in simple words the USA has more "friends" than North Korea

2) North Korea depends on several different supplies from South Korea, which happens to be "friends" with the USA

3) There are USA army basis on SK, which means NK has the enemy right on its door

4) If the USA gets attacked once it will erase NK in a single blow

5) Why would countries back up NK, its relevance to the world is almost null, as they are a closed country

6) NK is saying these things to call attention to itself, to advertise it

7) Hopefully they will shake hands with the USA and they will open up to the world more
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China is the main supporter of North Korea
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North Korea does not have the weapons to cause a war on the U.S. Kim Jong Un's threats of a war started when Trump started calling Un "Little Rocket Man". Once Trump shut his mouth, Un stopped threatening.

Some believe it was Trump meeting Un who got Un to stop making the threats on the U.S., but it was not. Trump stopping his insults was what got Un stop making his threats.

I do not see a cause for concern for North Korea having war with the U.S. or even vice versa. 

If more people would just simply vote Democratic, the U.S. would not have to deal with North Korea ( or Russia with their election hacking causing Trump to win. Clinton was due to be the rightful winner for those paying attention).
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I do not think that the USA should be worried. I think that the Korean leader is a publicity monger and drama addict. He really enjoys the publicity that comes with his threats and posturing. As an example, he carried out one of his tests when President Trump was visiting South Korea. He was just making sure that he also made enough noise in order to get some attention.

Despite what he wants the world to believe, North Korea is in a very bad shape economically. There is no way they can start a war with an adversary who is economically and militarily superior to them. A war effort reallytakes a lot out of the resources of a country and currently, it would be better for North Korea to allocate their rather scant resources elsewhere.

Militarily, the logistical arrangements would be a nightmare for North Korea. While America has allies of note close to North Korea, the same cannot be said of North Korea.

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