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With the current decision taken for 5 answers to questions on each day by answeree members.How many days/months will it take a member to reach the payout amount?
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It's a pretty easy calculation to know how many days it will take to make a cash out from answeree. 

5 post per day x 60 days of posting equals 300 post in 60 days. 300 post in 60 days x 10 points per post equals to 3000 points in 60 days. 

There you have it. 60 days of 5 post per day will give you the minimum cash out threshold. 

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This depends on how active you are. Take for example a new member who just started to answer questions say today. If he or she will manage to answer 5 questions on a daily basis, then he or she will reach 3,000 points in 60 days. If for example this new member decides to be more active, and answers 5 questions, posts 5 questions and 5 replies per day, then he will reach payout in 50 days. If this new member will be extremely active and will post 10 questions and 10 replies apart from, of course, meeting the 5-answer limit daily then he will reach payout in 43 days.

Then again, take note that posting replies and questions are not limited; hence, he or she can make use of this opportunity to gain as many points as possible without sacrificing the quality of post that he or she makes.
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If you will be consistent to and you will be active in posting 5 answers a day, then you will reach 3k points after two months. But remember, besides posting 5 a day, the site allows you to post a quality questions and quality replies. I think those are unlimited points. The site is still giving you the chance to be active after completing the 5 questions to answer everyday. If you will not get active, then it will be more than 2 months. I really hope that the site increase the 5 answer to 7 but because they want to make the site active and free of spam, they need to do some changes. It is for the benefit of the site and its members. I am trying hard to get active because I want to have another payout experience. It is a good experience by the way and the site has been very helpful to me now.
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Going by the site new decision to limit the number of answers to 5 it will now take a longer time to cash out especially if one is mostly depending on answering just the 5 post limit in 24 hours.Doing a little calculation, points per answer is 10 which is 10 cents  and one needs 3000 points to reach the minimum payout, then making only 50 points daily means that one needs approximately 60 days to cash out assuming one will be posting the five answers daily that's about 2 months too long right?

Well,to shorten it a bit one have to be more active in the area of asking questions and replying to questions this comes with a lesser amount though just a cent for each post.Well the best bet is posting daily. Forget the duration and do your bits to get there.
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It's difficult to say because although I came when there was no limit  (July) I sometimes didn't post more than two or three answers a day and we didn't get points for questions or replies back then so it was very different. I took two breaks from the site, and one of them was quite long, because I was unsettled but I have still managed to cash out. I don't really think of it in terms of how many days it takes, I just keep plodding on until I reach the required number of points. I prefer to write complete answers rather than replies; I write very few replies but try to post one question a day because the site needs fresh content.

To be honest it's taken me a while to stop thinking about the site in terms of earning but I now think of it as an interesting place to be. If I was just doing it for money I would probably have cashed out and left as I doubt I will make another payment before the site rules change but I do want to stay because I enjoy it.
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This will depend on you and how much time you spend on the site. Currently, the site allows you to answer 7 questions each day which will give your $0.70 in your account. If you want to earn more than this you will need to reply to other questions which will pay you $0.01 in your account. You can also increase your earning by asking different questions on the site. This will give your $0.01 for each question you answer. So if you reply and ask 30 questions each day and answer another 7 questions you can earn $1 a day. In such a case it will take you 30 days to reach the threshold to cash out on the site.

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