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Just the other day I came across this YouTube video which was rather strange and terrifying. It was a video of one hotel in California, a hotel that offers services of assisted suicide. This is no joke. It was like every normal hotel only this one had life taking objects positoned at different corners in every room. They had guns by the pillow, sharp knives in the toilet for slitting the wrist, toaster connected to sockets by the bathtub for electrocution, poisons in the fridge, you just name it. The video ended with interviews of new guests checking into the hotel. I couldn't believe my eyes so I went on the internet. Below was what I came across. 

In September of 2015, the U.S state of California passed the assisted suicide act. The law will allow doctors to legally help terminal ill people and even healthy people, who have chosen suicide, end their lives. Four other states including Oregon, Washington, Montana and Vermont already allow physicians prescribe life ending medications to patients. 

This basically means that suicide is now legal in those states and you can seek assistance whenever you feel you're tired of this world. They are even a handful of groups who publically support the law. 


Leaders of the death with dignity movement said they hoped the passage of the California law will be a turning point. 

What do you say? 

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Can you please provide the link to the video? i'd like to see it for myself. This really bothered me.
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What it is is what it is! All these are all signs of end time. The assisted suicide of a thing is not surprising to me because I learnt about a renowned scientist that took his life through it. But what actually got to me was the scenario you provided on how it can now be done at ease. That for me is really shocking because if we now have more states clamouring for legislation of assisted suicide, it means that many people are going to be opting for it without thinking twice. 
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Will do so, just give me a while. I came across it in a friend's device. So I'd have to get it from him first. 

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This is not a new thing. I've been aware of it for some time. Tony Nicklinson, a man close to where I live suffered a catastrophic stroke in 2005 at the age of 56 which gave him "locked in syndrome". It left him paralysed below the neck and unable to speak. He fought relentlessly through the courts for the right to die but lost his case. He died 6 days after losing but had been refusing food and eventually died of pneumonia,

I think in a case like this it is perfectly understandable. He would never get well again, he fought for two years for the right to die with dignity so it was not a snap decision. His whole family supported him as they could not bear to see him this way, He had been a fit and active man before the stroke.

Assisted suicide is not legal in the UK but he did not see why he should have to go to another country where it is legal which is why he fought for the right to die with dignity not just for himself but for others who may be in a similar position. I totally understand his point of view as I would not like to live as he did. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany and the Nertherlands in addition to the US states you mention.
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I do not support suicide by all means. Taking your life is a very bad thing and I cannot support it at all. God made life to be precious, something to be respected and appreciated. I do not see a reason why one would like to take his/her life yet the problems we face as human beings can be solved. There are a lot of good people in the world who are willing to help us, it is just that we do not see it and assume that all human beings are bad.
Committing suicide is so unfair for the people around you who truly care even if they do not show you directly. Your parents who have raised you up to this end will feel devastated, your siblings will feel so bad and your friends will wish they had been closer to you.
In my country, suicide is illegal and I am proud of that. I think it should be made illegal everywhere. Life is too precious to loose it just in a snap out of your own causes.
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I think it is about euthanasia as hospital are doing this to terminal ill patient but with the consent of a family. If that is now the new term, then I apologize. Euthanasia happens, it truly happens. This is the biggest decision a family could do to a loved one that is terminally ill and no one would want this to happen to them. I had seen a cases in the hospital where it was discussed. As it is really happening, i cannot say I support it but I want to be realistic that this could be done to help the terminally ill patience. We don't have the right to kill but if that is the situation it will really put as in a decision to do it. If there is no option then this is really hard but still needs to be done. What I don't support are those who got depress and just killed themselves. I know it is dark but I just hope they choose to talk to people and ask help.
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Suicide is not and it will never be an option. Suicide only proves you've accepted to be weak or proves you're guilty or something. I think if anyone is found in the process of commiting suicide should be given several punishments accompanied with thorough beatings. Despite of how much you are going through, you aren't the only person. People have gone through a lot and they emerged out of the condition very strong. You just can't expect life to be very smooth for you so that you can live a normal life and die a peaceful death.No, that will never happen, challenges are there and they're meant to make us strong.

In fact most people who commit suicides are the youth. Societies should preach against and condemn suicide because its not and it all never be an option. Enjoy life till that day God decides to take it away since He's the only one who can give and take it way.
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I have read about assisted suicide and the approval of it by some states in the US and it sounds weird to me.I thought this was a negative thing to do even in the hidden but people openly accepting and endorsing this,is totally beyond me. Why will anyone accepts this ,well to me I will never accepts this,this isn't right and can never be right to me no matter the circumstances. I believe no one can create and as such no one should kill or take the other life or even kill self.

Yes,I know life can so be nasty to the point of breaking but that shouldn't push one to suicide,it just a phase in  ones life that might be a period to learn life's lessons or for refinement. Challenges in life will always come but the power to overcome them is the best bet not killing self or be assisted.
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I share the same feelings with you. And I think a new judge in California also shares the same feeling with us, as recent news is reporting that he has overturn the assisted suicide act in California. 
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I've watched the said video and this is really disturbing. I know we are not supposed to judge anyone. People are wired differently and as humans, some have not mastered the art of being and adapting to every situation that they find themselves in. Suicide is not an option.

Question is, by establishing such, are we trying to get rid of the problem or encouraging this menace. More people that have harbored the thought of suicide will see it as an avenue. Some sort of pass to do it. Instead of going to such length, why can't the government start looking at the root problem of suicide. This just seems all shades of wrong.

The talk of people with terminal illness and can't recover is different entirely. I'm not even sure how to feel about that. We didn't choose to come to earth. Now we choose to go?
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