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If there is no footer link for the theme given, can a visitor find out whether the theme used on the wordpress site is free or premium. I use a free theme, I have removed theme link and powered by wordpress link from the footer, can anyone know that I am using a free theme?
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Normally if you've paid for the upgrade on WordPress to remove the footer on the site and the advertisement this is a good start. However, on a free theme, you'll still need to customize the theme and make it your own. This isn't an issue with people who work on blog sites and understand how to customize the these. Most people won't pay for a premium these or not. Most people who sign up with WordPress will select a free theme over a paid one any day of the week. This just depends on how you modify the theme to suit your needs. When people visit a website or even a blog they are not worried if you paid for your theme or not. They visit for the content that is on the site and how the site is put together. I personally don't think this matters one way or another. The only thing that matter is that you have paid for your name and your name is registered. If you keep the extension this is when people don't have much trust in your website at all.
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If a visitor looks at your page, he or she can only recognize the theme if for instance they've seen it somewhere else or that the theme is more striking than the content, which I hope isn't the case for you.

Whenever we opt to using free themes, it is better to personalize it as much as we can, not only to make it look premium but to simply make your page the way you want it to be. For instance, you can easily modify the color, the tabs, the fonts, the position of your photo, the title bar, etc according to your liking. If you aren't familiar with the ways on how to do it, simply search the internet, as I'm sure there are a lot of tutorials out there.

I also don't understand why you're so worried about people recognizing your theme as free. We all resort to free stuff.
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