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You can publish a print book for free on Createspace, which is a free publishing platform for indie authors from Amazon. I want to learn about other publishing companies that are similar to Amazon Createspace.

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There are several good sites that you can use if you live in Indie to publish your book. 

  1. Gallery Cat is a good one to check out and most people love this site. You can self-publish your ebooks and sell them online. Each week they will publish a listing of the top selling books. 
  2. Publishers Weekly is yet another great site to look into for self-publishing your books in India. Just keep in mind if you do some of these sites and they need to print a book your commission rate goes way down. They will recover their cost of printing before they spit the rest of the sale price with you. 

All self-publishing companies will share a commission with you when your books are sold. One of the better ways is to print electronic books and sell them on Kindel or even on Amazon. You can always self-promote your own books and sell them yourself. If you want to sell books in a store this will not be as profitable as selling them as an ebook. 

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Never heard of these sites. I know a lot of platform where you can publish ebook and sell your eboks. However, I am looking for print on demand service. Someone recently told me that Barnes and Nobel also have print on demand feature for indie writer, is that true?
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There are many Platforms where you can easily publish a print book for free. Like ebooks is a website which is providing service of placing books there.

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