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Many people like to use their smartphone these days because it's so easy to carry around and with the advancement of technology they can take excellent pictures but which do you prefer and why?
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I will go for smartphone simply because it has the function of camera too. Compact camera would not to able to perform multi-faceted functions like that of smartphone.
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I have both by it's very handy to use thesmartphone camera whenever I go.

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I am not a selfie-person, and since I do want the photos I take, which are often sceneries and random people, to be of good quality, I prefer using a compact camera or a DSLR. DSLRs, though are quite heavy and inconvenient to bring in some places, would guarantee that the photos you take are really worth keeping. They also provide for more options in terms of lense usage and manual control. Moreover, since I do love take photos of landscapes, I like how DSLR lenses have the superzoom feature which could be as high as 30x, which prevents images from getting blurred. Likewise, at times when lighting is difficult, the camera can still perform even at low light.

Although I still acknowledge the advantages brought about by smartphones in terms of convenience and other creative control features. I guess it really just depends on the person, and the kind of images that one wants to capture.
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It depends. If I want to have a quality pictures, those in HD, only can camera can capture it differently. A high quality phone can do the same. Actually, Samsung has come up with a phone that can capture like DLSR camera. If I can afford that phone, I would buy it. I prefer handy camera though. I have a phone and it is only an android smart phone. It is cheaper but I am satisfied of what it captured. I haven't had a camera so I don't know how it feels. With camera, on the other hand, it has lots of editing techniques and it could really capture perfectly. I think both will do when it comes to capturing good pictures. That is why there are phones that gives an amazing photo. Mobile makers are creating phone with amazing camera so that people could have both.
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With smartphone, you can take cool pics and also use your phone at the same time. In short, you an do multitasking using your smartphone aside from taking pics. Also, using the camera smartphone is easy and quick unlike the compact camera which needs some tutorials before you can take a classic cool pic.

On the other hand, most of the pictures taken using a compact camera are of very high quality unlike those taken using a smartphone. You may have also noticed that, smartphone cameras are easily spoilt or they easily get spoilt unlike compact cameras. With the compact cameras you can take high quality pictures which can be your great source of income if you get good paying sites to upload. I hence prefer smartphone cameras since am not so much into pictures.
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Smartphone to me is far better to be used though there are conditions or circumstances that warrant the use of either the smartphone or the compact camera.
In a situation where you are to takes pictures for modeling for instance you need to have a very powerful camera with higher Mega pixel,  though it possible that smartphone can do the job but obviously that smartphone will be very expensive, for instance Samsung or iPhone.
On casual outing that just required taking pictures for the fun of the outing, there are moderate smartphones that will do the job accurately especially now that there are lots of apps that increases the image quality of pictures been taken.  The advent of smartphone and iOS phones is gradually taking cameras off the game.
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I'm not really a picture freak but I still love to take some good shots when the occasion demands and I love to do this with my smart phone.

My smartphone cool pad has a very high definition and resolutions camera ,it like crystal clear that I can capture images and wouldn't doubt the outcome.I hadly have a blurry images or shots and it has  made  me not to even think of getting a standard camera any more though this was one of the item on my bucket-list, it like I have moved away from trying to get a compact camera. The sure thing to do is if one love to capture images a lot then one should get a good phone with a very good camera since phones are really portable and can be used on the go if one doesn't want to carry his or her camera around.A good phone with camera will suffice.

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