Heard that India never invaded another country but recently read on internet that India conquered Darjeeling Shimla etc from Nepal and invaded areas of Afghanistan and Srilanka several times. What's the real history behind this invasion stories of India?
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Is it true that  India never invaded

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India has never invaded any country in its 2000 years history. That's what I learned even from my school days. That's why once Chinese president told even if India didn't attack us it is dominating our nation (china) culturally for 2000 years. India is basically a peace loving nation and it is the fastest developing nation despite it's corrupted government officials. India will never attack any nation unless for a self-defense.
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India has invaded only one country till now. That country is Sri Lanka. That was back then when Lord Rama invaded the Lanka with the help of Lord Hanuman to save and get back Sita ji from Ravana.
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My Answer is big 'Yes'

  • India invaded Goa after its Independence, that belonged to Portugal for a long time.
  • Pakistan, India invaded and split it into two countries called Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • India still keeping some territories that were not part of India before its independence.  
In technical norms, India never invaded any country or territory after its independence. 
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