First broken heart is one of the unforgettable moments in your life that you want to remember or forget. We all experience this? Can you share your first heart breaking stories? It doesn't have to be with a special person, even with family members and friends would do.
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I've never had a broken heart.  My first serious relationship, I broke up because the paths we were going to take in our lives were in opposite directions.  Had I stayed in that relationship I probably because would been brokenhearted.  My 2nd relationship?  We're still married.
I am glad you never had a broken heart. I think your first relationship, the breakup is kind of mutual and you understand the changes it brings in your relationship.
When i had my first broken heart it wasn't easy though I still keep moving on, but deep inside its really hard.Eventually, it healed in a long run.

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Mine was immediately after high school. I had trusted the person do much and we could share almost all the secrets. Whenever we had issues at home, I used to share out with him. He was my firys first love and didn't know much when it come to relationships. By then, I didn't see anyone else apart from him and everything he said was perfect.
There's this day we had a short argument and didn't know it could turn to a big scandal. The guy turned against me and used all the secrets I used to tell me to abuse me. He abused me of my family and this made me cry bitterly. I couldn't control myself because the pain was so bitter to swallow. I talked to my mom about the matter but indirectly and she's the one who consulted me and made me feel better. I was so much heart broken and swore never love someone with whole my heart. The most important lesson that I learnt and can help you as well is that, you should never pour your secrets to friends or partner. No matter how much you trust them, human beings aren't trustworthy.
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From your experience, I learned as well. Yes, we can never tell all our secrets to someone, even to the best person we meet because we never know that it will come to a point that they will act strangely and will use those secrets against us. thanks for sharing this. 
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Frankly speaking, I don't think any family member or a friend can break my heart except someone I am emotionally connected to like my girlfriend. I guess this is possible due to how I get easily drawn into relationship of the opposite sex. Plus, I am the type of guy that only love and make commitment to one girl. I don't like keeping multiple girlfriends.

My first real heart break was with my first girlfried. I was really into her since she was my first love. And she also made me believe she was also crazy about me until it got to me that she was cheating on me with another guy. And when I confronted her she denied it flatly that she was not been unfaithful to me.

On one faithful day the guy she was dating behind my back decided to pay me a visit in my hostel. That was when the truth was dawn me that she was not only cheating but also lying. I asked her the next day in school that was when she owe up for her unfaithful act. She did so because the guy I had told her about his encounter with me. Honestly, I felt completely devastated and downcasted. It was my first heart break I experienced from an opposite sex. And until date it remains indelible on my mind.
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That makes me feel sad. How come a person be in a relationship and they cannot manage to be loyal? I think he is getting something from you and take advantage of you too, that is why she was lying to you. I am so sorry you experience that. 
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I cried my eyes out. I drank for days, deprived myself of sleep, skipped classes, and made a fool out of myself for tying to win that person back.

Just imagine how painful it was to finally hear the words I love you from the person you loved for so long, only to take it back the next day. No words can even describe how broken I was that time.

I am so lucky to have friends around me to cheer me up, to never leave my side, and to listen to my never-ending story of heartbreak. I eventually got over it after months of moping.

I guess it really helps to reflect on the situation and to accept that every experience isn't meant to be a good one. There are times when people will come across your life only to teach you a lesson. And when that time comes, you have to be prepared because it takes a lot of courage to make peace with yourself and to be able to rise above the circumstances.

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I do agree. There are people that you will meet but they will only leave a mark that is very painful but you will use that experience the next time you meet someone, this time you will going to be careful.
Yes. You are right about that. After all, every experience is a lesson. There's no point in crying over something that's long been gone. Use that experience to improve yourself, and be better next time.
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I believe that this experience come to teach us some lessons about letting go because this is what I learnt from the first ever heart break. Had my first friend that I really respected and had deep rooted love for.The love was very genuine and pure because it wasn't about infatuations or what I could gain from the relationship, I just needed a partner that we could share our aspirations, dreams ,time and maybe future with but it never came to pass.

While I was trying to build a relationship with her,little did I know she was building hers with another.So I wasted those few years on nothing like I was  building very big castle in the air.She moved away from me after a while without looking back.Well, I had to take that in my strides because it will insanity to forced love,I let it go.
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I think you made a right decision to let her go. This is because it is useless to keep a person that will never be honest to you. How can she managed to do that when your love is true. This is really sad. 
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I was engaged to my first serious boyfriend and I believed it was forever so when I discovered he was cheating on me I was devastated. I remember crying for weeks, not being able to sleep, boring my friends senseless going over what had gone wrong and eating copious amounts of ice cream. I just did  whatever it took to get over it. I had no pride when it came to him and looking back I must have looked like a desperate fool but I was young and naive and found it hard to cope. He was my first love.

Although it was hard at first I found that keeping myself busy helped. I was working at the time so I had to pull myself together to carry out my job. Even though I thought I would never get over it little by little I found myself thinking about him less until one day I realised I was over him and ready to move on. Human beings are very resilient and can overcome the most horrible experiences or at least learn to live with them. I now see that he was not right for me and we had to break up in order that I could meet other people who made me happier.
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I am happy that you are resilient because if I were you, I will be crying for 2 months because of that. It is very painful if someone you truly love hurts you and what hurts the most is that it will never happen again to the same person because you choose to move on.
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I like to believe mystery is an intriguing part of life. Without it, life becomes all too familiar. This is the only heartbreak I've been struggling with since I became an adult.

So, unfortunately, am unable to share hurting stories like everyone else because I haven't really experienced a heartbreak that got me so broken to the point of faulting my life. And it's not because I haven't had or still have loved ones, it's simply because I see beyond where everyone else stops to look.

My friends say it's a gift, but to me it's a curse, being able to read through people and see who they really are is a complete part of me. I can spot a shooting star without paying attention to the sky. There's just something about me that knows to expect certain disappointments from people, so when they really happen, it affects me the least. I've used this to my advantage a lot and it has helped me avoid getting to deep into what might back fire at any second.

However, it hurts not being able to live the kind of life everyone else does. Sometimes I wish I could just take it away.
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This is the first time I read this. It is like saying I will going to feel the hurt but when it will about to happen I am into my recovery. You made me think I should do that to myself. 
Yes. If you can try to keep an open mind, do not think a person is this personality, allow them show their personality to you. That way you'll likely know what to expect from different people. 
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My first heartbreak was so painful, I still feel it when I think about it now. I was so young and inexperienced in love. I was in love or I thought so, with a man older than me by ten years. He pretended to love me yet he actually didn't and when we started quarrelling, he gave his girlfriend my phone number and  told her that I was bothering him. It was so painful but I am glad I got over it in the end.
The first thing I did was to learn to accept the situation and move on. I stopped contacting the guy, blocked him from all social media accounts and deleted his phone number for good. I became more active in life and I started creating a new and even better me. It was this point that I loved myself more and build my self esteem. I was now ready to face the world and learn to deal with any other heartbreak that will come. At this point, I am not afraid of heartbreaks anymore.
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You did the best move because from your story, I think that man is doesn't deserve you. He is 10 year older than you yet he doesn't seem matured . I think he is selfish and I am glad you get over him.
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