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Hi Hardika,

As we all know From Dictionary, We can learn English word meaning which is a difficult one. But there is one app named "Popup Dictionary: Copy Text to Get Instant meaning" on Google play store.

This application helps you to learn English word meaning, also you can learn how to pronounce that word, Using that word sentence formation, the word noun form, an adjective form can also be learned.

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This reminded me of the dictionary I used to bring when I was still a kid. It was at least two and a half inches thick; hence, it occupied most of my backpack. I hated the times when I had to bring it to school, though, as the nerd that I was before, I also enjoyed it. My friends and I used to challenge ourselves by reciting random words and guessing the meaning of each word. Now I wonder if kids nowadays still know how a dictionary looks like.

Going back to your question, most dictionaries do not only provide the meaning of the word but also the origin, and the date when it was first used. To better understand what the word means, usually it also contains sample sentences along with notes about other instances when the specific word can be used. Moreover, tenses are also provided to guide the readers of the proper usage. For the same purpose, synonyms and antonyms are also given. Hence, using a dictionary is quite a useful tool to increase your vocabulary.
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We can learn a lot from the dictionary apart from just knowing the meaning of words.

Know correct spelling: This is what I mostly use the dictionary for,spelling a word correctly. Some words are difficult to memorised the right spellings so I check it up to be sure of the spelling

We can use it to learn the right pronunciation of a word.

One can readily learn a new word from the dictionary, it right usage and the context by which it should be used.

We can effortlessly build large volume of vocabularies from constantly using the dictionary, it like words store house that we can easily extract words  from to store in our memory.

We can learn idioms,phrases and good sentences about a new word and see how the new word can be appropriately used.

So much to use the dictionary for.
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You do not only get to learn the meaning of a word in the dictionary. You learn the right way to use the word, the correct pronunciation ,the origin of the word, what part of speech it belongs to, the sounds and structure of the word. You'd also learn different antonyms and synonyms of the word.

There are dictionary apps you can install and these days they come with different features like games, word of the day, reminder etc. For instance, the app I use has quizzes in them. Like picture and answer, words and meanings with multiple options where you pick one and your scores be calculated at the end of the quiz. There are also phrases and quotes where you are tested to pick the right answer. I think all of these are targeted to learning more.
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You can several things through the dictionary aside the meaning of the word. You can learn pronunciation of those words. For instance you might find that 'bury' is pronounced as 'berry' also you will notice that 'eight' which is pronounced as 'ate'. You will realise that we've been making mistakes especially when pronuncing English words.
Also,with the help of dictionary, you will be able tofind synonyms and antonyms of those words.  But then, thus depends with the dictionary that you're using. Some dictionaries are very shallow and won't give much information. I'll recommend people to use the Oxford dictionary especially the latest version.

Also, with the help of dictionary, you can learn new vocabulary. It always feels good when you're talking and you use some vocabulary. Not only in talking but also in writings.
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I am not used to the traditional  printed dictionary neither do I have any dictionary application installed on my mobile device. Although, having a dictionary application installed on your phone can prevent you from jumping through hoops before you can get the meaning of words,I guess I'm not just the kind of person who likes using a single dictionary application.

The normal traditional printed dictionary aside from the fact that it gives you the meaning of words,the words are transcribed.This allows you to pronounce the word correctly.It also gives you examples of sentences that contain that particular word so that you can know how to chip in the word in your everyday conversation.

Using google to find meaning of words is something I do often. I love using google because it brings result from different dictionaries and that allows me to compare and contrast.One dictionary can't contain everything.

A particular online dictionary that pops up in my search result is Cambridge dictionary. I love this dictionary because of its extra feature.If their is a new word you want to look up and you want to listen to its pronunciation, you can simply download an audio file from the site which contain the audio pronunciation of that particular word.That allows you to listen to the real pronunciation of that word and this can bring you closer to an elusive ideal of a native-like speaker.
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