If you sleepwalk or you're a nightcrawler, then you'd catch me in the the act of eating around 2am before going back to sleep. 

If you had an emergency need for cash withdrawal, then it's likely you've seen me...seen me in that corner counting my cash to make sure it's complete after using the ATM. 

If you had a baby, then you'd laugh at me...laugh at me for sounding and looking like a clown or a fool just to make your baby smile. #laughsss

Everybody subconsciously does crazy things every now and then without even knowing it. These are some of the crazy habits I have and exhibit often. What are yours? 

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I have a habit of laughing at inappropriate times when I am out with my sister. We always make each other laugh and then blame each other because people stare at us.

I also have a habit of talking to myself, working out little scenarios in my head to try and solve a problem while I am walking somewhere. Sometimes I realise that there is someone behind me who must think I am mad so I try to turn it into a cough!

Another thing I do is sing loudly with the window open when I am in my car and have the radio on.  I have caught sight of people looking at me when we are stopped at traffic lights and they must think what a terrible voice I have and wish I would shut up!

I think we all have little habits that others might find strange but it doesn't matter as long we we are happy and not hurting others,
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A friend and I were out the other night looking for another friend's house. The music was pretty loud in the car. When we got to the street, we were both stretching our heads out the window to locate the house number. At some point, we began lowering the volume of the radio like it was somehow going to improve our vision. 
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I am the kind of person who would sniff the pages of a new book. I've had this habit since I was a kid. I don't know what's with books that makes them smell so good. It's really addicting, and I suggest you try it.

Whenever I am thinking, having a short break, or even just a pause from doing something, it's likely that I'd be biting my nails, consciously or unconsciously. There's this weird satisfaction of having to tear those nails off or the side skin of my fingers using my teeth. This one I am trying to let go, as it isn't quite good to have little wounds on my fingers, other than being in pain for some time, it's also kind of embarrassing when people begin to notice.

When walking along the paved sidewalks on the way to our apartment, I have this habit of not only counting the steps I take from one street lamp post to another but also making it a point to have my steps equally numbered. The number of steps I take from post to post should be the same because they are equally spaced, right?

These are just some of the quirks I initially thought, but I know I have many. LOL
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I too have the habit of biting my nails, especially when am idol or thinking like you said. There's just something in the sound that soothens me. Call it weird, but I like hearing my nails being crushed by my teeth. Lol
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I have a spot for order. When I put something in place, I need it to stay that way. Not even a dent. Like if you needed to use it, put it right back in its place else you'd be getting it from me. In my head I expect others to share that perfect picture as I do and when you don't I'll come at you until you call me a nag.
I love to pour water on my feet and drink a cup as well before going to bed. Even when I decide not to, I'm never settled and comfortable until I jump out of bed and do the needful. Then I can sleep in peace. I also love me a hot cup of tea at night time.
Back in school, I had a weird habit of eating while standing. I would hold my plate and spoon in my hands and munch on. I don't even know how that started but I seldom do that now. I like to bite the side of my lower lip when I'm in intense concentration. I could go on and on.
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I think I can relate to the habit of eating while am standing. You know those moments, when there's a lot of friends in one room, cracking jokes, laughter, I believe those are the type of moments when you'll likely be caught engaging in the habit of eating while standing, and even pacing back and forth. 
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We almost share all those crazy habits you've mentioned above. But to add on that, I have some more other crazy habits like for instance, whenever I wake up in the morning, I must brush my teeth first and the rest of the remaining water I use it to wash my face. I dont know why am  always doing that but I always find myself doing so  everytime no matter how much I try stopping it.
Also, another crazy habit about me and have noticed with other several people is that I am fond of asking rhetorical questions. It hasn't been happening to me alone but to several other people. Asking rhetorical questions anyhowly. Finally, using the water that have finished washing clothes with for cleaning the toilet. I have been doing the later for years and its become a habitat that I can't stop.
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I have some crazy habit,don't know if it really crazy or funny thing to do.I love to be quiet in the midst of lousy people.I don't know but I just found myself so quiet that others just noticed and even have to asked me why I will be so quiet with all the discussions.

I can eat one food the whole day which most people can't. I know people might change their meals in the day but I might eat the same especially on days I decide not to do my OMAD eating just once a day.

Another one is not drinking water for a very long time after eating, I see a lot of people drinking water along with their food or a second after eating but I sometimes totally forget to drink water for a long time after eating, it almost like a habit that I'm trying to fight now.
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I am not sure about this but I have this habit that if I trip down accidentally, I want others to trip down too. I think being ashamed of what I look like when I tripped is what I need to fight for. There will be someone that should trip also. I really one to trip the foot of someone but it is bullying and bad so I will just observe. When watching television, and I am watching Korean series, I love to repeat what they are saying even though I don't know the meaning. Why? Because I love their intonation. I love how they say their language. When my dog is sleeping, the dog that is closest to me, I love to make fun of his eye lid. He will wake up and look at me, but I will repeat what I did until he is annoyed. When I am sleeping, I love to touch my ears. I love the feeling that it is cold. I think I am weird.
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Lol...those are pretty weird habits I must say. But none the less, we all have our crazy moments. I also have a sleeping habit, it's me using my hands in directing an invisible orchestra, or maybe visible in my dreams, but I never remember whenever I wake up. I always get teased in the morning whenever I share a room with someone. 
Directing an orchestra, I think I do it when I am drunk? Or maybe when I am in deep sleep. I know I have lots of crazy stuff doing but I am quite ashame of sharin some of them. 
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The 3 crazy things of mine is: I usually behave like a small baby and started to talk like a baby, I always sing a any cinema song with modify the lyrics and I talk to my pets. 
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