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Generally, I am reading the news on my phone. But, sometimes the words are too difficult to understand. Every time searching that word in Google is such a hectic task.
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I normally use Google if I don't understand a word but before the internet came along we used a dictionary. You could get one at any stationery store and they are handy to keep. My granddaughter has German, French and English dictionaries for school even though they have access to computers. The school insists we buy them.
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Basically, it is much easier this days to get the meaning to words as we now have various search tools out there. As for me i make use of google for searching for words i don't know their meanings. It is easier for me because i can quickly go to its search bar on my phone whenever i am reading or working with my phone.
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You can always download dictionary apps if you think accessing google is much of a hassle.
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Nowadays, It is very easy to find the meaning of words without searching in google by Dictionary. There are a number of Dictionaries available in google play store, you can easily download a dictionary and use it. But the one I would like to recommend is the PopUp Dictionary. It is a free offline dictionary and whenever you read any difficult word just copying the word and get to know the meaning.

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I have a dictionary as an app installed on my phone which I used to find out the meaning of word or words and it comes with different meaning and example of how the word should be used,so it will wise to installed one but to get more meaning you need internet connection since you will be going online.So install the online dictionary on your phone.

You can get hard note dictionary as well incase you can't reach your phone when you need it,you can check up the meaning with your physical dictionary, another is getting the encyclopedia it does help with meaning of words too especially specialized words of different fields.

Google is still your friend and other search engines like could use them to search for the meaning of a new word you come across.
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You have no other way out but to find the meaning of that word in the dictionary either online or offline. But since you're using your phone yo read the news, I'll suggest you should try using an offline dictionary to make your work easier. On the contrary, you can try to relate the word and try to thin what the editor was trying to mean. And then, you can confirm it in the dictionary just to ensure you're right. Trust me, at that pace of consulting the dictionary, you'll go very far with your vocabulary. You'll consult your dictionary very rare times and from there you won't be spending much time on them. Also, you can try consulting someone you is very good when it comes to vocabularies and in fact they'll be good to help because they'll be expanding there knowledge.
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Oh I am an old type. I only type the word then put the word meaning and I search it on Google. Like what is the meaning of Peculiar so I will type "Peculiar Meaning" on Google and I will have my answer right away. I don't have an app. For me Google is fast and the most reliable search engine to search for something. If there are app like online Thesaurus, I am sure I know but I don't know as of the moment. I don't have a specific app for that. I love using Google because Google gives lots of search list that I could choose from. Ever since I have proven that this search engine has been helping me to find the exact meaning of the word. It has been my guide to find the meaning of the words , in the way that I will understand and I will able to always remember.

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