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One thing I have noticed from belonging to various sites is many countries look after their old or sick relatives no matter how difficult that is. In the UK we have many homes where the elderly can go to be looked after by professional people who can take care of their every need so that if it is not possible for them to be looked after at home they can be cared for in these homes. Some are private and very expensive but others are run by local councils and the old people will pay from their pension. How is it where you live?
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In my country Kenya we do take care of our elderly. No retirements home here. But even if there were, I would never take my relative there.
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pIn the Philippines yes, because that's how we take care our family. 
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Yes we do here in Nigeria... Because they elderly ones in the house are the ones that gives us clue of some things we know not about...far far before we're born....they have ancient experience which in years to come we won't have such....there's an adage that says and I quote "what an old man that is sitting down and sees even if you climb the highest mountain you won't see it".... With these I really think is good and advisable to take care of elderly relatives 

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There aren't homes for old people around here. In Africa. The old are seen as very grand individuals. They are perceived as wise and experienced so you'll find younger people going to them and seeking for advice.They live with their extended family and relatives for the rest of their lives. In my country, I have never come across homes or shelter for the old and grey.

The most you can see is them retiring back to their village settlements to live out the rest of their days with other family there. I can understand why this is done in other places. Sometimes they don't want to be seen as a burden that other people have to take care of while going about their personal life.

I'm not sure if this is a practice that will be emulated or welcomed around here because members in a family are always close-knit and seniors especially are seen as sacred. It will be perceived even as abominable in some cultures. Only time will tell.
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In my own country, we don't have such a system of building a caring home for the elderly, but that does not mean they are not been properly taken care of. We have so much respect and love for the elderly by all the relatives within the family unit to the extent that every member of the family that is up and doing financially can choose to house an elderly that can longer function on his/her own.

Well, it doesn't just stop there but we also ensure these elderly people receive utmost attention from every member of the family including their grandchildren; mind you loneliness brings isloation which makes the heart to grow cold over time. These elderly people would be properly cartered for without allowing them to do a thing. If possible we can even help them to take their baths as well as many other things they can't do anymore.
Basically, we look after the elderly people properly because we are all aware that one day would come where we would also find ourselves in their shoes.
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There are a number of nursing homes here in our country. Some people consider these facilities as a great option for elderly care, while some would rather keep the family together 'till the very end, especially in the province.

Where I grew up, we do not consider bringing our old relatives to a shelter just because we are so fed up with our own life that we can no longer pay attention or take care of them. People in our community place so much value in family, that they'd rather go through all life's difficulties than leaving a family member behind. They wouldn't stop caring for them because there's really no reason for them to get tired of taking care of the very people who took care of them, and who raised them up to be the person they are today.

I have a friend who often gets to visit some of these shelters through their outreach program, and she always tells me that whenever she talks to them, she gets this huge feeling of loneliness from the elders who live in there. Yes, they might not have clear memories, but deep in their hearts, they long for their family. The mind might have forgotten, but the heart surely didn't.
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We have a lot of homes for the elderly here. My mother went into one for the last 18 months of her life because she was very sick and I could not cope with her medical needs such as lifting her out of bed. She did not like the noise my granddaughter made either so it wasn't really practical to have her in my home. However the home she went to was very close and I was able to see her most days so I don't think she was lonely. There were people there who had no one. Some lived to such a great age that they outlived all their younger relatives.
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Yes, even in my country Kenya, we have several homes but most of those elderly who are being taken care of are those who don't have relatives and maybe were just picked from the streets or somewhere else. We have several institutions which have offered to sponsor those homes but its usually a short term contract.

But then, there are less elderly homes because most of them are Being taken care of my their families. What we normally have in plenty are children's homes. Most of such homes are usually run by missionaries who work day and night to get funds to run the institutions. The best thing with these institutions is that they raise the kids well with proper etiquette and the end up being better persons in the society than most of those raised by parents.
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In my country,we don't joke with the elderly everyone try to see that they're comfortable and lived better.individuals, NGOs, government and companies are involved. We have home for the aged in different locations where the elderly are received in,incase they need shelter and specialized care and their children can't afford all of that.

Most churches here also have shelter for the elderly and they have a section in the church that are to cater for the elderly in the shelter. They take care of their feeding, medical bills and other essential needs.My church has a section for the elderly too.

The government is also assisting to care for them as well,provide food,drugs,clothings,shelter etc.

I think the elderly should be taken care of at all times

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