What is the name of the first modeling agency in Iran? Who was its founder?

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First Iranian Modelig Agency = VIOLET modeling Agency 
 Since 2000 
 Founder : Navid Farid
Violet Models - Navid Farid <3

Navid Farid First Iran modeling agency founder<3

Violet Models is First iranian modeling agency

founder navid farid

it is true !


Violet Modeling Agency

Navid Farid Founder of first modeling agency in iran

Start date of activity : 2000

navid farid modeling agency in iran

Iran's first modeling agency  - According to yahoo news :)


Violet is first modeling agency in iran

Navid farid founder of modeling in iran

Violet models

first modeling agency in iran

since 2000

founder navid farid


violet models

first iranian models agency

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According to an article published in Persiennës on 22 September 2015, the first modeling agency in Iran was founded by Sharif Razavi 7 years ago. The agency is known as Behpooshi, a short interview with the founder can be found on their website.
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