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Is it safe to use cooking oil once used? If so how many times it can be reused?
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Cooking oil can be used over again until it loses characteristics. The only problem is the mixing of scents and favours and most food like fish have strong smell. You can opt to use separate oils for particular dishes, this way you don't have to keep wasting while you change. 
It is not nutritionally ideal to reuse oil already used. Let's say for example, you have used oil to fry something, you are not expected to reuse that same oil again in cooking another food. This is simply because the oil has lost its nutritional value during that frying process. The reusing of it it's like taking in something that would not add any health benefits to the body but instead the ingestion of harmful chemicals capable of militating against the normal body functioning.

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Cooking oil can be reused until the dark coloration occurs. It is safe to use nut you should not use the oil with those sediments formed beneath the while cooking. It's said to be harmful to health. Other best option is to use the oil from the top of the container after allowing it to settle for half an hour or so. All these tips are only applicable for frying or roasting the same type of stuff. Otherwise, it may taste bad.
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No. It can spoil fast and you don't want the flavors of the oil to be in another dish you cook. It is best to replace the used oil with fresh every time.

Most fast food places reuse the oil for at least a week even though it needs to be replaced daily or every time something goes in the oil. For example, when placing French fries and chicken nuggets in the oil to be fried, that oil should be replaced each time to avoid mingling flavors. This is why McDonald's, for example, have constantly greasing fries instead of crispy fries.
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Seal the jar tightly, label it with the date, and refrigerate or freeze for no longer than a month. It may become cloudy in the refrigerator or freezer, but will clear at room temperature. Never reuse oil if it foamed or changed color during heating, or if it has an odd odor or smells like the food you cooked.
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Cooking oil can be reused as many times as possible. Only when it starts to produce funny odours is when you stop.

The worst part is when people use transformer oil to cook. They say it can last longer than ordinary oil.
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