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I am really confused i don't know where to start for blogging can anyone tell me which is best and easy way to do?

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I use WordPress for creating my sites. WordPress is a ready content management system which only requires one to install it and instantly, the site is up and running. In fact, you don't need to be a programmer or designer in order to start a site using WordPress.

Additionally, you get access to lots of free plugins which when installed extends the functionality of the site to the level one wishes. For example, by installing Woocommerce plugin, you create a shopping site where users can buy and pay you directly.

Whether you are on a self hosted custom domain WordPress or the hosted (the free wordpress.com sub domain, you are guaranteed of access to free themes depending on your site requirements.

All in all, to me WordPress is better than any other cms when it comes to creating websites.
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This really depends on what kind of website template/format you're looking for. Both Wix and Wordpress have their pros and cons.

If you're looking for a simple interface and easy to handle, drag and drop components, you should go for Wix. It's got a beautiful format and is aesthetically pleasing. Wix is simple to set up - you can just drag any images or articles you want onto the site. However, this makes it so that all Wix sites have a similar set up, and therefore rids you of any creative liberty.

Wordpress is more complicated, and you might need to learn how to code, or hire someone to code the website for you if you want it to stand out. However, you can have a more complicated and attractive website with Wordpress.

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