Some people eat food late at night usually after 8. or some time they eat healthy food more than they want. Does it make effect to their health or weight if they drink some juice after taking dinner? or get weight on pounds?
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I do not agree to this. It is a myth. I always take my dinner at 9 P.M. I have not put on any weight so far.
It really depends on your metabolism, some people have fast and some are slow.If you have slow metabolism, you are more tend to gain weight faster especially eating before bed at late time.

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If you are a late night eater this normally isn't good for your digestive system. You won't have time to digest your food before going to bed. If you are trying to lose weight it is best to eat a larger meal in the middle of the day and a very light meal at night. Give yourself several hours to digest your food before going to bed.
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I would consider this true basing on the variety of options and knowledgeable points you added to this answer.
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I don't think so, you know why? Because based on my experience , there was a time that I followed " After Six" diet. I have done it for 6 months, but the longer I was doing it, the more I starve from 8 pm to 12 midnight. So, I had no choice but to eat at 12 MN. This is what I understood, our body is connected to each other. Even when our mind says " don't eat after 8 pm", but when our stomach needs it and says " I'm starving, please do something!"So you then think you broke the rules of your diet. Both, actually coordinates with the agreement as the mind follows the stomach to get a bite but the stomach needs to get just as much as the mind wants. So, when the mind is set to do the diet ,then it can control the stomach how much to be stored. No need, to crucify yourself because it is done once and for all. What I meant is, no need to punish yourself by starving after 8pm because all we need is  "discipline".
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This is quite true most people at times don't see it from this point of view and now I see and understand what you are trying to say.
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I do not know. What I do know is that you can not sleep right away when you've eaten. You have to wait two hours later. This so that the body can process the food well.

I may be wrong, but you should wait an hour and try to do cardio so you can burn those calories that you have eaten. And obviously, wait two hours after the meal.
Very true and adequate people should start opening there eyes and seeing things this way.This is very useful information with accuracy,I find this information quite outstanding and relatively important.
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I don't think so but what i know and have done my research on is.Its advisable to eat light meals at night because there's no energy used at night.

Heavy diet's should be taken in the morning and at noon because during the day the body plus the the brain need energy to enable a person do his daily activaties.

Taking supper late past 8 pm doesn't affect one's health because it depends with what time one's sleeping.Taking fruit juice after dinner is good for the health.
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Important and ver reasonable information that should be considered when trying to understand this topic/question.Wonderfully presented and am sure it is based on a high level of research and understanding from you as an individual.
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You can eat food after 8pm and still not have your health affected. Just make sure that you do not go to bed immediately after your meal. Give it an hour and half or more. You can even take a walk. The idea behind this is to increase the rate of digestion and prevent fat from accumulating in the body. Which is also another reason to choose the kind of food you'll eat at night. Make it light, less fatty and healthy. 

It usually can take up to eight hours or less for your food to digest completely without disruption so even when you eat before 8, it won't be popping out until early in the morning. So it is advised to eat at 8pm or before for quicker digestion since activities at night that would have increased digestion is greatly reduced. 
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If anyone is looking for an answer to this question I mean why not just look at it from this perspective it is quite wise.Highly true and justifyable I made some research of my own and found this to be quite reliable.
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The typical and normal dinner, or I guess differs in different country, but here in my country, we eat our dinner 6 or 7 in the evening. If we eat 8 to 9pm then that is a late dinner. I still want to practice having dinner during 6 in the evening. If I want to drink after it, I will drink water or green tea. Sometimes coffee with cream or milk, but anything with caffeine is not advisable as it keeps you awake. Drink coffee in the morning instead. Eating late will only keeps you awake. The digestion process will happen after so better not take a nap or sleep. If you sleep the digestion is cancelled and your foods will be stored in your belly and it will be belly fats. You will gain weight and you will get heavy. You need to develop a habit that will make your metabolism fast again.
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There is no much evidence to back up such claims. From health perspective, it is not ideal to eat after 8pm especially heavy foods but you can decide to go for light foods that will digest before going to bed. Basically, heavy meals eaten at such late hour won't be able to get proper digestion before bed time, which would definitely lead to weight gain. I guess that's why they keep emphasizing on not eating at such hour.

More importantly, one can choose to eat after such hour but the thing is the person shouldn't slump on the couch and be watching television or any other sedentary activity, or go to bed straight but instead, the person can opt to do light exercise light strolling outside the house. With this practice the food eaten would have degraded before going to bed.
The very health implication of actually going to bed after eating at such late hour is that it can lead to overweight especially if it becomes a habit that is done on daily basis.
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I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best.Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.
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Eating at late night can lead to weight gain even if you don't eat much calories. That means eating large nighttime meals can cause especially high blood sugar level.
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Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best.This quite a positive mindset and perspective it will change people's way of thinking because you are quite optimistic.
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I think it's because we are less active at night so therefore do not burn it off.  Some people stay slim whatever they do because their metabolism is fast enough to burn off the calories. Others with a more sluggish metabolism tend to retain the weight if they eat late at night.
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This quite a positive mindset and perspective it will change people's way of thinking because you are quite optimisticGenerally your idea is quite wise and eligible for stimulating good thinking and the right mindset keep it up.Basically this point of view is very very legit and understandable let's hope people can take it in the right way.
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It is not true as I sometimes take my supper at ten and I haven't gained any weight. Issues of overweight can be attributed to f various factors such as genetics, physical inactivity, consumption of unhealthy fats, sugars amount others. 
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You are very wise and understanding,I like your point of view on the Matter at hand and you have enlightened me.Highly true and justifyable I made some research of my own and found this to be quite reliable.
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It depends on when exactly you take your meals but basically late night meals are not good at all for your health and can make you gain weight drastically.
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By our indian culture, based on ayurveda the break fast should be taken before 7 am and lunch at 12:30 -1PM and tea at 4 and dinner before 7. Following this pattern will help in better digestion.
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Usually, people are already tired late in the evening. So, when people are late they are not active compared to earlier in the day. That's why if they eat dinner late most likely they will just stay at the dining table or just sit on the couch to rest and watch television, movie, or play games on their gadgets. This commonly happens to those who works as a day shift employees.
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