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Is this possible to reduce weight by just taking natural salad? no doubt any kind of salad have some nutrients.
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Healthy natural salads are the good way to reduce weight. It really helps.

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Just eating salads (and no other kind of food) will not be the answer to lose weight and be healthy.

Salads are ESSENTIAL to your health, however you should mix and match them with other nutrient/vitamin rich foods such as: fruits, vegetables, protein etc.

You should always eat leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, grains in your salads. Avoid using ready made sauces (bottled ones), as they are rich in salt and other bad ingredients. Prefer natural "sauces" such as lemon, vinegar or even olive oil.

Make sure you also cook your own salad. Boxed salads are also no good as they probably were not prepared with the fresher ingredients. It can also be a great source of bacteria if its ingredients were not washed properly.

Overall avoid fast foods, carbonated drinks and snacks, that way you will definitely lose weight and remain healthy!

Good luck!
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Salad is a preparation of food. Make sure that you put food in your salad that is full of nutrients and vitamins. You can replace a meal with salad but do not eat salad starts from breakfast to your dinner. You still need protein from food to give you energy that you will use for whole day. You also need some nutrients to help your blood flowing, your eyesight to help you see, and for your brain to work. You cannot eat salad alone. Better have salad everyday that will only replace one meal. It is much better to have vegetable salad as a side dish. Reducing weight cannot give you a results immediately. With the right diet and proper exercise and being consistent in execution your plan will only give you the results you wanted. I just wish we have a certain food to eat and we will reduce our weight as fast as we want.

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