Is this possible to reduce weight by just taking natural salad? no doubt any kind of salad have some nutrients.
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Healthy natural salads are the good way to reduce weight. It really helps.

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Just eating salads (and no other kind of food) will not be the answer to lose weight and be healthy.

Salads are ESSENTIAL to your health, however you should mix and match them with other nutrient/vitamin rich foods such as: fruits, vegetables, protein etc.

You should always eat leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, grains in your salads. Avoid using ready made sauces (bottled ones), as they are rich in salt and other bad ingredients. Prefer natural "sauces" such as lemon, vinegar or even olive oil.

Make sure you also cook your own salad. Boxed salads are also no good as they probably were not prepared with the fresher ingredients. It can also be a great source of bacteria if its ingredients were not washed properly.

Overall avoid fast foods, carbonated drinks and snacks, that way you will definitely lose weight and remain healthy!

Good luck!
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Salad is a preparation of food. Make sure that you put food in your salad that is full of nutrients and vitamins. You can replace a meal with salad but do not eat salad starts from breakfast to your dinner. You still need protein from food to give you energy that you will use for whole day. You also need some nutrients to help your blood flowing, your eyesight to help you see, and for your brain to work. You cannot eat salad alone. Better have salad everyday that will only replace one meal. It is much better to have vegetable salad as a side dish. Reducing weight cannot give you a results immediately. With the right diet and proper exercise and being consistent in execution your plan will only give you the results you wanted. I just wish we have a certain food to eat and we will reduce our weight as fast as we want.
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Anything that is of vegetable origin like salad has the nutritional potential of reducing weight. That is not far fetched. Although the eating of salad alone can't guarantee hundred percent weight loss results, especially if the individual is already been overweight. And the consumption of salad should be done with toppings of natural fats and not the artificial ones.

Suitably are those fats and oils that are heart friendly such as monosaturated and polyunsaturated oils. It would be sabotaging to your weight loss plans if you are not making use of toppings that are of nutritional benefits to the body. Better still you can consume your salad without any toppings that's if you can't use the recommended ones.

For quick results, you can get yourself motivated to doing minor workout like long distance trekking, early morning jogging, etc. Avoid the drinking of carbonated soft drinks. Stick to eating of heathy balanced diet low in calories but rich in proteins. Drink plenty of water.
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I will say yes provided one is taking in less calories one should be able to lose weight.Weight loss is typically about eating less and expending more.i'm on a weight loss diet called OMAD and this simply means eating one meal a day, this diet afford one the opportunity of eating any thing once a day and if one decides ti eat just a salad then good but no more eating after the eating window. I have been on it for a while now and I'm really seeing visible changes.

So eating salad without the cream can aid weight loss because salad is an healthy option in doesn't contain sugar or addictive that could hamper weight loss and it can keep one full for a long time there by causing one to avoid binge eating and taking in more calories that could aid weight gain.
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Increase and decrease in body weight actually depends on individual body system and the control all depends on it. I can't say much about eating of salad, though salad is a less oily food, so the limited fat might help attract cholesterol. But i've noticed over the years that, many fat people never reduce in weight even when they refused to eat much. And I start to wonder why.
I then duscovered similar thing in moderately slim people too. So it then occur to me that the amount of nutrients and fat in the body determine it in accordance with ability oof the individual body system to hold it.

So to reduce weight, first thing is to check the diet and encourage tthe eating of food with less cholesterol and fat. Also improve on routine exercise every morning to keep the body active and muscles relax. Try not to eat late. Then watch your self in next 3 month.
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Just eating salads will not make you lose weight. Do some physical activities. Do exercise daily. Go for a walk in morning and evening time. Intake fiber rich diet. 
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