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People are gaining fats and don't control their hands then join gym or do exercise for reduce weight. I want to know the easiest way of weight losing.

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Do you know what is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight? I recommend you drink green tea twice a day 20 minutes after each meal (it can be breakfast and lunch). In this way, he will help you burn fat and accelerate metabolism.

I have done it, and I still do it, it has given me so many good results that I am very satisfied. But yes, I recommend you also investigate, since not everyone can drink it (for example diabetic people).

But do not forget to exercise!
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The easiest way to lose weight in my opinion is to drastically cut down on the calories. You need to reduce what you take in by half if you don't want to hit the gym. What you take into your body is what reflects on the outside. No two ways about it. This is why people with very busy schedules that have less time for diet and exercise try intermittent fasting. It works quite well for them. Perhaps you should try it too. 
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First you need to check on your diet. Increase  on protein intake and avoid lots of starchy foods. Supplement each diet with plenty of water.

Also eat small meals like 4 to 5 times in a day.This will reduce cravings for the junk which contain much calories. 

Finally,you can  do indoor exercises for 30 minutes daily either morning or evening.Within one month, this will surely work and you'll lose some kilograms.
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Apparently, these is no other way of losing weight than engaging in arerobic exercises and following strict dieting plan. Most people usually get it all wrong by thinking that one must only exercise or diet to lose weight. From realistic point of view, it doesn't work that way. The two must be simultaneously constituted in one's plan of losing weight.
I have seen alot of people that workout to lose weight but they are not committed to adhering to their diet regimen. Other times, some are practicing dieting but yet don't have a robust workout plan. And at the end of the day, you would notice that much progress won't be made if one out of the two is neglected.

To lose weight, you have to motivate yourself to go out on every morning for jogging, if not on daily basis, but 2-3 times in a week is perfect. Secondly, you have to take into cognizance of what you put in your mouth. More precisely, avoid processed foods, like fried chicken,fish,bacon, burger etc. Let your diet be based on well cooked meals rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. Abstein from alcohol binge drinking and tobacco usage.
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The easiest way to lose weight is through dieting.i have come to realize that exercising without reducing one's food intake might not yield much fruits.Weight loss is less eating and more energy expending.If one eat 800 calories and is able to burn at least  1200 calories then there's a deficit which can bring about weight loss but the other way round if one consume 1200 calories and can only burn 800 calories then there's a surplus which will be stored by the body. Of course the stored fat automatically makes us to start adding unnecessary weight.

So the easiest way is eating only what we can expend.Depending on exercising alone might not cut it since most times we do not exercise enough to bring the needed effect on our bodies that will cause weight loss.

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