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People are gaining fats and don't control their hands then join gym or do exercise for reduce weight. I want to know the easiest way of weight losing.

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Do you know what is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight? I recommend you drink green tea twice a day 20 minutes after each meal (it can be breakfast and lunch). In this way, he will help you burn fat and accelerate metabolism.

I have done it, and I still do it, it has given me so many good results that I am very satisfied. But yes, I recommend you also investigate, since not everyone can drink it (for example diabetic people).

But do not forget to exercise!
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The easiest way to lose weight in my opinion is to drastically cut down on the calories. You need to reduce what you take in by half if you don't want to hit the gym. What you take into your body is what reflects on the outside. No two ways about it. This is why people with very busy schedules that have less time for diet and exercise try intermittent fasting. It works quite well for them. Perhaps you should try it too. 
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First you need to check on your diet. Increase  on protein intake and avoid lots of starchy foods. Supplement each diet with plenty of water.

Also eat small meals like 4 to 5 times in a day.This will reduce cravings for the junk which contain much calories. 

Finally,you can  do indoor exercises for 30 minutes daily either morning or evening.Within one month, this will surely work and you'll lose some kilograms.

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