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There's this unit have been reading but I don't understand nor have interest in whatever am reading. I have attended all the classes but still I don't feel like I should revise it.What should I do to get motivation to read the unit?
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I do not know if this will work for you but sometimes when I think about the consequences that await me for postponing the things that I am supposed to do, I suddenly become motivated. If there is such a thing as forced motivation, then I think this is it.
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Don't try to force yourself whenever you don't understand what you're ready. Give it a break and return to it after you have had ample rest. Free your mind from distractions of any sort. Time also plays huge part in our understanding, if you can only understand and assimilate at night, do that.
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I would suggest that you try to read topics on which you have interest in because you are definitely going to find reading the topics appealing. 
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Maybe you can try getting an audio for whatever you are trying to read. That works for me pretty well. So instead of reading i listen and i even understan it better try it could work for you.

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Reading a unit or and entire book comes from interest and placing the gains of reading it above anything else.To always get self motivated it always good to think about what you will gain from reading the unit and the book.

When I don't feel like reading a book I tell myself I will be missing some knowledge I would have gain from reading such a book or I will be missing the lesson herein etc, you know most times motivations come when we placed what we would gain from a thing before us,it always helps put a spring on your heels to move faster.So placed your interest and what you will stand to gain when you read that units of the book in your mind or write them out and always remind yourself of the gains, it will continually help to push you to read.
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I have this problem but as a child I loved reading. I think with our busy lives and the introduction of the internet where we are constantly reading various material it is harder to find the motivation to read books especially factual material. If you don't understand what you are reading I imagine it would be even harder to get the motivation to read. Is there anyone who can help you to understand as I'm guessing it is related to your college studies.

I think to be motivated in a subject you really need to understand and be interested in what you are reading. English was my best subject at school and because I was always interested in the subject I never found it a chore whereas Maths was just foreign to me and I struggled all through my school years with it. It sounds as if you need someone to explain in detail what you are not able to understand and then maybe you will be more motivated to read. How about a study group where you can work with other people like yourself. My granddaughter always applies herself to homework much better if she sits and does it with a friend.
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In order for us to understand something, we should be very interested in it first. If you are not interested, despite reading it all, you will never understand nor remember what you read. That is what I learned at work. I am reading something but after reading it, I don't remember anything. First, why are you reading it?What specific things you need to learn from it that will benefit you. What is that for? What can you gain for it? If you answer those questions then you will get interested on it and you will gain motivation on it. Me, I need to read something at work so that I don't have to checklist all the time, to make my workload more easier to do and to make me go to work early because I can finish my task before the time I need to do it.
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In order to love reading books or a unit in your case, the first step is to create a positive attitude towards what you want to read. I want you to focus your mind on the benefits you will gain from reading the unit. You will get to understand more about what you heard the lecturer teach about the topic, you get to grasp more knowledge for your benefit and you memorize it for your exams; it will be easy for you to remember what you revised in your exams.
Moreover, you could be finding it hard to read because you have not given yourself a chance to start. The problem about not liking something is mostly that we have not started doing it. Once you break your comfort zone and start reading, you will find that you are enjoying it and it will be hard to stop.
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For me reading is a pleasure. You have to develop this habit. In the beginning, it may be boring. But slowly, you will develop the habit to read a lot and want to read a lot. By reading only, we come to know about the happenings around us, even though, today, the electronic media has cobbled most of the print media.

Still, nothing is lost. To start with, you can start reading daily news papers and slowly move on to read periodicals and books. Once you start this process, you will be surprised to find the enormous volume of  things that are happening around us in the world. The information contained and brought forth in various magazines and books is so much that your lifetime will not be enough to read and know all those information.
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