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ADHD effects sleeping disorder or daily routine. Does ADHD can be treated for sleeping pills?
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No, it can not. The only way to successfully treated ADHD is through prescribed and controlled medications a doctor gives you. Trying to control an illness with sleeping pills isn't a wise choice to make. Furthermore, if it is a child this can be dangerous for your child. In order to control this illness, a doctor must determine the best possible cure and medications for the person suffering from ADHD.
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My answer is a big NO. Let me introduce myself first. I am Grace, a Filipino SPED teacher. I am a certified Psychologist in my country. I'm dealing with a lot of  special kids (mostly adults in age) in the school, I am working with. My kids' doctor doesn't prescribe any kind of sleeping pills and she always ask for my permission first, since, I am the kids' therapist in school  to whatever meds she is going to prescribe. My only advice, is for you to get yourself tired before trying to get to bed at night. You can try, not so heavy work out like; 5o push-ups, walking back and forth  a couple of times through the stairs if there is, jumping rope, jogging around the house, and trampoline jumping until you feel dizzy and tired. After doing the activities, do not sit or lie immediately, wait for 5 minutes before doing it to avoid cardiac arrest.
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No  it didn't. There are some treatments for that. It needs to consult a physician or a specialist to help the child.  I see on children who are having ADHD having problems getting to sleeping, waking up in the  middle of sleeping, having trouble getting to sleep, because they are more busy with moving. They are having trouble with breathing, they have snoring problems, and even nightmares. Most them have lost lot of blood because having short time sleeping habits, the blood thickens and makes it difficult to flow in different nerves. When they happen to get a sleep, they are restless. Some have deep sleep immediately that they tend to sleep walk. This triggers anxiety as well because during the walking hours, they are troubled and restless for having incomplete sleep. They are really disturb by physical and mental restlessness. This is really hard for the child and for their families. It is really quite a struggle.
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Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD) with sleeping pills does not align with acceptable medical practices. It is completely out of place to treat this disorder with sleeping pills, because the inducement of sleep to cure it could probably result to a more complicated condition. However, conditions like obsesity including heart problems could be inevitable to the sufferer owing to the fact that the sleeping pills would lead to weight gain.

Ideally, the treatment of ADHD requires diagnostic procedures in order for its root cause to be ascetained. The root cause of it would be fundamental to determine what type of treatment to be administered to the sufferer. Here is where the help of medical specialist comes in. He/she can prescribe the right medications that can arrest the condition instead of seeking alternative using sleeping pills.
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