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ADHD effects sleeping disorder or daily routine. Does ADHD can be treated for sleeping pills?

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No, it can not. The only way to successfully treated ADHD is through prescribed and controlled medications a doctor gives you. Trying to control an illness with sleeping pills isn't a wise choice to make. Furthermore, if it is a child this can be dangerous for your child. In order to control this illness, a doctor must determine the best possible cure and medications for the person suffering from ADHD.
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My answer is a big NO. Let me introduce myself first. I am Grace, a Filipino SPED teacher. I am a certified Psychologist in my country. I'm dealing with a lot of  special kids (mostly adults in age) in the school, I am working with. My kids' doctor doesn't prescribe any kind of sleeping pills and she always ask for my permission first, since, I am the kids' therapist in school  to whatever meds she is going to prescribe. My only advice, is for you to get yourself tired before trying to get to bed at night. You can try, not so heavy work out like; 5o push-ups, walking back and forth  a couple of times through the stairs if there is, jumping rope, jogging around the house, and trampoline jumping until you feel dizzy and tired. After doing the activities, do not sit or lie immediately, wait for 5 minutes before doing it to avoid cardiac arrest.

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