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Is there any way to play PS4 games on PC without using a PS4 console? Just like using an emulator or something like that? Can I copy a PS4 game disc to computer to play with it?
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You can connect your Ps4 controller to your computer and download the Ps4 game you want to play.

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Yes, you can play your PS4 games on a PC without a PS4. You'll need to sign up for a service that streams PS4 games to your PC. The service normally costs $19.99 a month or you can pay a yearly fee of $99.99. This will allow you to stream PS4 games online and play them on your PC. You have a second option and that is through emulation. Play Station will also have a subscription where you can download titles from the site and play them on your PC. But once you stop paying the subscription the games will lock up until you pay again.
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That is really expensive game to play monthly. My partner is playing Ps4 just recently and it's not cheap.
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There are some ways to do so like downloading Each individual game off a torrent site or downloading a PlayStation 4 emulator.
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