Everyone is not perfect and we all have a dark side in us that we should change. What are your bad attitude that is not helping you, you want to throw in the garbage? Why it is not helping you anyway?
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I am hot headed. Whenever someone has wronged me, I've always wanted to burst.

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I have the bad habit of feeling I can't do without people whenever we are going our separate ways. It usually gets to me, and I will be feeling sad about the whole thing. This habit has been there for a long time that i can't remember when i easily let go of those close to me. Some time i feel they are taking a part of me away and i am empty without them.

Like when I was about living my first love, i was seriously consume by the thought of lonelines wishing i could undo the whole separation, but apparently there was nothing i could do. In the second relationship i felt the same way. And it has always be like thste with those i am emotionally attached to.
I consider it a bad habit that needs to be broken. I just hope i would find myself the courage some times to let go of those that don't want to be in my life again.
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oh no you are not alone on this. When my father passed away, I cannot take not seeing every single family of mine. I need to check on them from time to time even though I will be seeing them at home later on. I am so attach and in trauma of losing my loved ones. I think all of us that has been through difficult times will be able to live with difficulty with life. 
You are something same as my partner, he is scared if we get separate even just for a week. That is something I him to trash too and me is to support him and I will trash my disagreement in everything.
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I am fond of judging people with their looks in the first sight. I have been trying to control this it seems like it's not helping. Just three days ago I misjudged someone after he texted me and I responded very rudely little did I know he had been give my number to help me in my project. The main problem with me is that am never patient with and I easily get irritated when you have nothing important to share with me.

I think at the stage that I am at the moment is very hard to change unless I go through much counselling. By not being patient with people, I mean strangers who hit my inbox without letting me know where they've got my number from. I really hate dealing with strangers because some come with different intentions that you can never think of.
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Oh yes, I have the same kind of attitude of being impatient to people who just texted me randomly too. I appreciate if they ask me personally of my number for me to know that it is them and not those who texted you and making fun of your replies. I am impatient on that area too and you have the right to feel it.
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I don't think there's anyone without some terrible attitudes for the mere fact we are imperfect beings we will always exhibit some and it always good to work on them.

I always rise up to an occasions late and sometimes by the time I try to react to the things it has already gone bad and way out of control and I begin to blame myself why I didn't nip it in the bud earlier and it has escalated and way beyond control and sometimes it can even affect not just me but my entire family.Nonchalant attitude has never helped anyone i know but sometimes we put it up when we don't want to involve in a thing and I do this a lot but the result sometimes is devastating and by the time we want to look into it ,it might just be too late.

I'm trying to work on this attitude of mine, so as to always deal with things headlong.
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Yes, I agree. We all have bad attitudes and sometimes it is our way to make a hidden firewall for people to not read us or sometimes we are allowing them to judge us but not to touch us because they will start to avoid us, as they know what kind of person we are. 
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I'm so impatient both with myself and with others so I would love to change that about myself. I do try but it seems to be a character flaw and although I have tried to curb it I have upset people with my attitude at times. My partner is just the opposite and he doesn't understand why I have to get everything done right away and expect the same of others,

I wonder if it possible to pass this sort of behaviour on to other people as my granddaughter who I look after seems to be having the same issues, but when I complained that she could never wait for anything  my partner said that she was just like me! I have decided to make a conscious effort to try and change because being impatient causes me frustration and at times anxiety and I don't want her to be the same.
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Oh your grand daughter got your attitude? There is nothing bad when you accept some people to be the same as you, but it is much better to keep that to yourself. Maybe sometimes we expect other people to be like us because we think it will good to them as it is good for us, but because they have their own decision, they want to be like what they are. 
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I am a certified crammer. I didn't where or when or how I got this attitude and I don't think it runs in the family, as my sister always makes it a point to keep up with her schedule.

No matter how many tasks have piled up, no matter how important they are, I will still resort to cramming. If someone will ask me to do something within this given timeline, rest assured that I'll be able to deliver but not that I really thought about it for a long time. Chances are I didn't sleep the whole night just to get done with it.

I would very much like to let go of this attitude because there were a couple of times when I regretted the act of cramming, as it prevented me from improving my work even though I knew that I can still do something to make it better. But no matter how many times I remind myself of these incidences, I still can't get it out of my system. The next day, I'm just gonna bum out and wait for my chance to cram everything. I hate myself.
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I think I am too. I adopted that attitude with my classmates before. I think they are bad influence. I don't know why it is hard for me to work or review in advance. I just need an adrenaline rush to keep myself working. 
No matter how I think of the consequences that awaits me, I still can't resist cramming haha it's never too late to change. You just need a big push or some degree of motivation
I agree because on some areas that I need to do, I have allocated a motivation and I start in advance. I love to schedule the things I needed to do. Maybe I am less interested in reviewing school notes. 
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