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Please, recommend me a good and reliable Wordpress hosting solution. Thank you for your input here ;)
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There are some nice wordpress hosting solutions on http://pronse.com/services/wordpress-hosting I recommend you to take a look at some of them and choose the best option for your needs, good luck with it, I am sure that you will find something nice and reliable for you there ;)

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Today, many web hosting companies make it possible to install WordPress on their site. You can choose a free hosting service with your purchased domain name and install the WordPress on the site. You'll have your own WordPress dashboard that you can use. It is easy now to create a WordPress site using the WordPress blog or website builder. When you are happy with the look and feel of your site, purchase your domain name. Now decide on what type of hosting you want. You can use paid or free hosting to see if your website is working. This way you're not investing a lot of money on a site that nobody visits.

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