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What are your thoughts on online dating? Do you use some dating apps or services? Which ones do you recommend?
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Hello! I am new to dating online but I would like to recommend you the service called Secre Benefits. You can take a look at their Tumblr page here: It is a really interesting sugar baby service. Maybe it will come in handy

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I personally don't like online dating because of all the problems. I know way too many people who fell for men or women online and ended up with a stocker or a con artist. I would suggest that you stay away from these types of places. But, I know they are tempting, especially when you don't get out much. There isn't as much of a chance to find the perfect mate for you. Hiding behind a computer screen is a safer way to find a mate for you, but is it always the best way to find the person of your dreams?
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I have tried once dating someone from online and what I got out of it,it wasn't pleasing at all in all manner.First ,most of those people aren't real but rather use a fake identity. You might find someone whose very good just to end getting its much far away from what you saw.

Also these people are already used to online dates,meeting new people everyday.So finding a faithful person from online dating sites isn't that easy at all.

My advice, we better find people offline and avoid online dating because you'll be frustrated on many ways.
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Online dating is one of the modern age thing and everyone want to get on board.

I will say online dating is not bad for someone who really want to meet someone new and doesn't know how to go about,it is very easy to meet variety of new lovely people.

The mean reason while lots of people end up not supporting online dating we mainly because they had a bad experience in the past base on their over expectations.


If you really want to start dating someone online please done expect much from it,be on a 45% level and play cool, gradually I believe love could find u. 

Good luck. 
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It works for some people. My daughter met her partner on the free dating site PlentyofFish and has been with him for 3 years. They are now engaged and have bought a house together. I have never seen her happier. Although I was initially worried about her meeting men this way her happiness is all I ever wanted for her.

Of course there are risks attached to meeting someone online. A person can be whoever they choose to be in their online persona and we have all heard of unscrupulous people who scam money out of unsuspecting lonely people desperate for love. I would say to anyone who wanted to meet a partner this way, take all reasonable precautions, meet in a public place and make sure someone knows where you are.  Get them to ring you as a get out clause if things are not going well. You can always pretend you have some emergency situation to attend to so have to leave immediately.

To be fair you could just as easily meet a dangerous person down the local pub and not realise it until it is too late. Meeting a new romantic interest always carries a slight risk whichever way you go about it although it is minimal.
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A lot of people will tell you about Tinder as you can really meet someone from that sites. I would recommend Tinder too. I have Filipino Online Dating. I am not sure if the site is popular but this is the site I tried but being there I realized I am not the type of person who will be trying to meet people online. I find it very dangerous but I don't have the fact that is dangerous, i just felt like it. But wait, is this an online dating sites that you are only meeting online or you will search someone online that you will see in the future. Sorry for being dumb because I learned some people who only talk online and meeting in person is never an option. Some of them are even in relationship but they still trying to date someone, only online. They do video call.
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Online dating isn't bad,the only bad thing is meeting a bad person. Nothing in life that were created, manufactured or developed is ever bad but the usage is always the problem.

Dating apps were created for a good purpose of meeting a  friend to connect with which might later leads to something serious in future but bad people, fraudsters and scammers hijacked it and killed the vision by going around defrauding and scamming people emotionally and financially.

I have a cousin that just got married to her husband, a very good godfearing man through meeting on Facebook. So online dating isn't really bad, just hope to meet a reliable and good person and any negative thought you had about online dating will vanished.
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Online dating is both fun and interesting. I have tried using Tinder and OkCupid, and I haven't regretted using them.

For introverts like me, socializing is really a no no, as it gets me really anxious. Hence, I think meeting people in dating apps somehow solved this problem. You'll get a few amount of Hi's and Hello's, and it actually depends on you on whether or not you want to respond. No expectations. No strings attached. Yet.

If I am to choose between the two, I would recommend OkCupid, as it allows every user to clearly present themselves to other people by way of answering a series of questions. That way, the choices are also narrowed down to people whom you are most compatible with, and whom you would most likely want to meet in person.
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personally, I have mixed feelings about this online dating thing. By critically looking at the thing as an individual who has been there and done that, I came to realization that it's all about preferences. There are those people that might fancy it for one reason or the other while there are those that don't.

For those that are cool with it, I think they do so because some are shy to approach a girl face to face. For this reason they will choose to leverage on the online dating thing to get themselves a woman. And there are those that are under this category but they have ulterior motives. They are there to look for partner to milk dry financially.

On the other hand, we have those that don't like it at all. These are those people that their confidence in wooing the opposite sex is on the high side. They don't need anything like hiding behind dating sites for them go after any girl of their choice. While some that are under this group dislike long distance relationship talk more of dating someone they don't even know at all.

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