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I haven't joined yet as I am not sure if I can contribute anything valuable so I am keeping an eye on the site to see what type of content others are writing. Have you joined yet and what do you think so far?
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I did few days after I joined Answeree but, I am not active around there yet.

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I haven't joined the for a similar reason. I am not well versed when it comes to health and fitness; thus, for me to be able to answer the questions posted, I need to read various stuff, as members won't appreciate my answer if I'll only base them in pure logic. With that, I don't think that the amount that I will earn will suffice for the amount of time and effort that I will exert for every question. Besides, if I got that right, the point system is entirely similar to what we have here.

For me, Answeree is better that DEFAT because here we are not restricted on the topics that we are supposed to talk about. But for people who already have an expertise when it comes to weight loss or anything similar to that, then I guess the new site will suit them well.
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I have not joined yet not because I won't be able to answer any question there. Besides, the questions that are on the site are closely related to my course of study in higher institution. With a little bit of research here and there, I am very confident that I would be to do justice to the questions.

Basically, the main reason why I have not availed myself for DEFAT.NET is I have not properly understood how things are done there. The payment system and the point aggregation are still unclear to me. I have to look before I leap in this case. Secondly, I got the impression that there is high likehood of one's contribution been rejected. And apparently, I wouldn't want a situstion of after exerting myself mentally, I would be told my work is not up to par with their requirements.
All these and other issues that are still vague to me made it not for me to join yet. Hopefully, I would join very soon probably after having a better understanding of how things are done on the site.
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I joined yesterday and it is like a forum. The topic is limited to body weight, either gaining weight or losing it. I had seen lots of open topics already. It does not require words to fill the comment part but of course, you should not spam the site. I think I have 4 points because I posted a comment on a topic but my points is not moving. It is a good addition to our earning sites because there is no limit in posting and you only have $2 to meet to be able to payout, but surely the admin of the site will check your comments or topic posted before you get a payout. I am now willing to be active a little or will add this site as my additional earning site. i will share my experience once I get paid on the site. I wish everyone will check if there are questions or topic that has been posted already because one could take advantage of the unlimited posting.
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The points will be added once the answer or question is approved. All posts in will go to moderation queue. It is because it's a topic that may attract many spammers. May be ten times than here on Answeree.
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Yes that is what I think, it should be moderated because a lot of people will take advantage of the unlimited posting, however, what will happen now, you will do a lot of checking because for sure , there will be lots of people that will post a lot.
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We can make it easier by allowing known members ( ie: members with certain points) to avoid moderation.
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answered by LEGEND (6,009 points) 5 9 19
I have joined this site. I joined because I'm really interested in the topics they have there. All relating to weight, beauty and health. I understand that some members have not joined the site because they feel like they have nothing to contribute. For me, I feel like I can also learn from what others have to contribute on the site.
I see that the pay there is nothing compared to the effort that you'll be putting in to make contributions there. This is why I'm taking it very slowly and also only when I have the slightest time. I believe more people will join the site in the long run and it will be interesting.
The site has very cool features and easy to navigate through. I'll settling with asking some questions and answering a few. Might take sometime for me to get used to because I keep forgetting the site.
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I have, to be honest with you. And just like everyone else, I think the forum's focal point will be limitting, and a little tough to converse on since I lack proper knowledge on health issues...especially sensitive health issues like weight loss. Am also a fat person by the way, so am more on the side of learning actual tips that will help defat myself. I guess I might be pitching one or two answers and comments once in a while.

My personal thoughts and recommendations on the site will be:

Defat is quiet a good idea and given how new the site is, I think it needs compromising. They forum's topics should not be limited to just weight loss. Very few people have actual bases and facts on how to loose weight, which in my opinion should be left mostly for professionals to give tips and advice. Other people with knowledge of weight loss asides health experts are exercise trainers and people who have personally experienced weight loss. Hence, how many trainers and ex-fat people will be available to contribute on the site given how new it is. It needs to get popular before adjusting to specific rules.

Drawing from the above, I will recommend, if asked, that the site focus on general health issues regarding the entire human body instead of weight loss alone. This is the only way it can generate more contents and increase the number of users - the desired goal of every forum.
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On we are not only dealing with weight loss but also many things related to fat loss. The topic health is very vast and a very broad keyword. That's why we are sticking around fat loss. Still general health questions related to body fat and fat loss can be asked there under the category Health and Fat loss. You can always ask the admin there on to add more categories or tags.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,004 points) 6 11 20
I have joined the forum and the attracting point is just the theme of the site which is all about weight loss and related topics and it what I would gain from since I'm on a weight loss journey.I like the questions asked and I can totally relate to them and can answer them from my personal experience.

The pay rate on the site isn't attractive and making money might not be easy especially if one isn't writing articles for the site.if one is answering just questions on the forum one needs to answer like 30 questions to even make like 30 cents daily there.Each answer is just a point which is a cent but the minimum payout is low though it just $2.
Well,I think it still a work-in-progress site and finishing touches  is still being put in place.I hope we can make the best of it  there.
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It's more easy to earn on than you think. You can make multiple answers on if the answers are relevant to the questions. There is no minimum character limit. No capping limits like number of posts per hour, per day etc.
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Well,I'm.yet to join on there but I intend to join very soon,all the same I checked out the site 2 days back and it would be a very good will be an educative and enlightening site. I'm sure it really a niche everyone can relate with since it has to do with health and weight loss,it wouldn't be much of a problem to share from one's wealth of knowledge.

I wish the pay per post can be increased I read that it just a point as in a cent per question and answer which I think it just too low at least 3 cents wouldn't be a bad idea,it will help motivate one to work there daily  and try to give quality answers and time to the site too.

Anyone can join the site and see how much he or she can contribute positively to the heslth of the site all the same.
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I created an account early this week after seeing a certain member posted it in digital global. I checked through the site and noted that most of the members in that site also belong here and in fact I learnt that @Answeree is the owner of that site. I haven't started working there because the topics are specified in health, weight loss and etceteras which will require me to dig deep into google in order to write the best answers. But then, I like the fact that, each answer must go through moderation before being approved and how I wish that could happen even here in answeree. Now my query is and other people in forums are asking, does it mean that answeree will be closed and we will remain with defat? Or maybe you'll be operating these two sites..
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Defat is a site with a specific topic while Answeree is a general q&a. There is no comparison between them except both are q&a. Defat can't substitute Answeree and there is no point in discussing about it. Moreover features in is too basic when compared to features here on Answeree. 

Moderating all questions and answers are a hefty task. So we have many filtering system here on Answeree. Ie: spam kind of posts with links or images will automatically go to moderation queue. And in defat also we will implement certain advanced systems as the site grows. 

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