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Do you know any reliable and trusted dating websites? I would appreciate some input on it
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To get detailed answers which will suit your preferences, I think the question has to be more specific as they are many dating sites with different purposes. 

Are you can looking for a date site for just casual encounters or marriages? 

Do you want black or white, African or Arab, this or that based dating sites? 

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You can find your best match on  . I have a good experience on that site, on there I found my special someone right now. Though, that site is not 100 percent sure to have real people, at least 70 percent are nice people. Oh by the way my special someone and I are 8 years and counting now!   

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Tinder is one of the top dating sites out there and claims to have made over 25 billion matches. The site is used by many people and it seems like they trust this site because it has been around for so long and it has earned the trust of singles looking to find their soul mate. There are many dating sites online these days, the only problem is that you need to find one that you like. Some dating sites are only filled with profiles of men and not so many women. You should find one that is a bit more balanced. If women trust these sites and add their information and profile, then it is a good indication that the site is trustworthy and one you can signup and use.
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There are lots of dating sites on the internet although some of them require you to buy some membership in order to receive lots of messages and others are extremely free of charge.

Some of those free dating sites are hitwe this one you can find your match since its got lots of users also you can check dateme.It's a good dating site too and free of charge.

Or else you can check the internet for some free dating sites.
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No matter what kind of dating site you choose there is always going to be a certain risk that the person you meet is not who they say they are because we can be anyone we want online. It's not like meeting someone in the real world where we can actually see and chat face to face to a person. Always read reviews of dating sites before you join so that you can see what kind of success they have and make sure someone knows where you are going if you decide to meet a person.

My daughter recently married a man she met on Plentyoffish, the free dating site, and they are blissfully happy. They were together 4 years before they married and always felt they were right for each other so it does work for some. Just because there are paid sites available it doesn't make them any more successful but they might match you with people who are more local to you.
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There are so many dating sites floating online today where one can meet and start up an online relationship before actually bringing it to physical relationships. I actually know quite a good number of people who have used dating sites to find and communicate as well as start up a relationship with someone they meet online.

Facebook is not actually regarded as a dating site but with how things are going on the social media site, it's actually turning into a dating site as the day goes by. There are so many who have found love on Facebook which is what dating sites are meant for. But I must advise caution when using any dating site because there are lots of people who are using fake identity to scam people online. Some of the dating sites I know are ;

Bumble, Match, Zoosk, eharmony, Elite Singles, Anomo, and OkCupid.

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