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What are your thoughts on Tinder? Do you guys like using it? Or maybe you know some alternatives?

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Dating sites are fine and Tinder seems to be one of the top dating sites out there. However, I've never been a person who goes to one of these types of sites and looks for a soul mate. I find them a bit cold and un-personal. You can see many great profiles on the site and people do sound very interesting. But after talking with them several times, it seems like they are not who they claim to be. I would rather just meet a person and get to know them in person and not behind a computer screen.
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It seems like a dating site.The main problem with such dating site is that most of the people use a fake identity. Also,most of the people end being cons.You might meet someone after a chat for few minutes they ask you help them with at least $1.

Am not in support of online dating but if you feel like you're really in need of someone in your life then go ahead you might find one.

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