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What are your thoughts on Tinder? Do you guys like using it? Or maybe you know some alternatives?

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answered by LEGEND (7,369 points) 4 14 37
Dating sites are fine and Tinder seems to be one of the top dating sites out there. However, I've never been a person who goes to one of these types of sites and looks for a soul mate. I find them a bit cold and un-personal. You can see many great profiles on the site and people do sound very interesting. But after talking with them several times, it seems like they are not who they claim to be. I would rather just meet a person and get to know them in person and not behind a computer screen.
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answered by LEGEND (6,052 points) 5 9 21
It seems like a dating site.The main problem with such dating site is that most of the people use a fake identity. Also,most of the people end being cons.You might meet someone after a chat for few minutes they ask you help them with at least $1.

Am not in support of online dating but if you feel like you're really in need of someone in your life then go ahead you might find one.
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answered by (315 points) 1 12
First of this is a new word to me i never knew onlime dating is called Tinder thank you for that. Anyway tinder varies with different people. For me i would rather do it old school. I will fewl more comfortable dating someome that i can see, talk to face to face, at least that way i know i am not dealing with a robot or some kind of psycho somewhere in this world. Its better to be real than feeling fake that's what online dating feels like. Though there are people who have conquered in tinder and got married with children amd are happily married. It doesn't work for everyone, there are those who have tried and have failed miserably making them vulnerable and frustrated. The one thing i don't like about it is that, people are not true to themselves, there is alot of lies. People put fake pictures, give false information about thrmselves, and others are basically there for immorality to satisfy their own selfish imterests, and nothing else. I tried it once and that was one mistake of my life that i would not want to repeat again. It was after i realized people are not being true with themselves, and giving false information i stopped and decided to do it the old school way.
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answered by ELITE (4,356 points) 2 10 27
I am not a type of person that uses dating sites although I get curious sometimes. I know Tinder is something about meeting your future special someone. There are lots of stories about people meeting their husband on Tinder. Some says Tinder works effectively on them. Some looks at Tinder as worst because they met the worst people. I think if you are looking for someone to date or looking to have fun, you can use Tinder. You meet different people but make sure you know your limits. To be honest, because of some reviews, i find it negative to try the site. For me, even if is a number one dating sites, this is not a place for me. I just hope that everyone that is using it, do not use to create bad things around and of course, I want everyone to meet their soulmates.
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answered by Patron (2,785 points) 4 20 39
Tinder is just like any other apps out there. It will show you several people whom you are physically near to. People are also filtered according to the age range that you have set, which you can always adjust anytime you want.

I like using it because it's easy to use. You just need to swipe right or left. However, their may be times when I think people are just fooling around with their profiles, especially with their pictures. For this reason, I liked OkCupid more, as it lets the user display more information about him or her, ranging from favorite food to the things one values most, which I think also makes it much easier to know assess compatibility, to start a conversation, or to keep a conversation going.

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