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If someone could post a payment proof on here that would be great.  Maybe try to show how much can be earned here in a certain amount of time?  This would probably get more users pumped up to work harder.
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I think the concern on whether or not Answeree is a scam site has long been addressed, and to tell you, they do pay people for their work here. If you're gonna use the search tab, you can look for some questions similar to yours and you'll find members' comments saying that they have been paid.
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Yes, I can recall a fellow writer who posted a prove of his payment on the site. And therefore the question whether the site is real or scam is a thing done and dusted long time ago. 
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I saw a payment proof of this site on some other site. I do not know why those who got paid are not posting the same here.
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I have seen a screen shot of one's payment proof on answeree. It was a payment proof of $30, so you shouldn't be worried about the site being scam because it's 100% legit. 

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Answeree is not a scam site and I'm writing this because I have been paid on here and it took about 3 hours for me to see my payment in my account. Immediately I requested for payment there was a prompt response from the admin that my payout process is ongoing and payment will be send out soon and he did.

So if you are new have no fear about the site because you will be paid when once you hit your minimum payout. You need about $30 or 3000 points in your account to request for payment,just try to post quality answers and you will soon get to your payout.

Can't find a place on the answer tab to post the screenshot, you can use the search bar to check for my initial thread I made when I was paid.The heading is DO YOU BELIEVE ANSWEREE IS A SCAM SITE. Would have pasted the link here but we can't copy and paste on this site.
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I very well saw that your payment proof upload. It gave me full confidence to work on the site because it's paying. 

Soon I'm definitely going to get my first paycheck from the site and I'm going to upload it as well. 

I will send you private message later. 
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I have also been paid and I am a regular member here. My payment was really quick but I never doubted for a moment that this site was legitimate, We have an active admin here (you can ask questions on the Answeree thread) which is always a good sign, and if they are not about, often other more experienced members will try to help you.

We have had a few changes made here since I joined in July and although I had my reservations at first I can see that they were for the benefit of the site and I think the quality of the answers and comments are improving. I have seen a payment proof posted on The Beer Money Forum so you could check that out too. It takes a while to reach cashout and your answers will need to be checked, but this site is definitely not a scam.
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Answeree isn't a scam site though I'm yet to be paid but I have seen a payment proof posted both on BMF and forum coins and that has instigated me to see how active I can be here.

I have read that payment is very fast here,so it better one just post good here with quality here and try to reach payment and see how if it really legit or not.I know that payout is really high and this will bring some doubt but since others that reached the payout here have been paid,then I don't doubt its been legit anymore.

So if still in doubt you can check those sites I have mentioned to see the payment proof but if not you can work hard to get to payout and see for yourself if you will be paid or not,so that you can also tell other people about it.

Bottom point answeree is a legit site.
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I have been paid by the site once and I am trying my hard to achieve my second payment for this month. As you see, the site will pay you once you get 3000 points. I already made 5k points already and I am going near to reaching 6k which means, I will able to have my second payment. The site is not scam. It pays me an hour after I made a message to Answeree. I do think they are reading my answer and replies before paying me. I think I made a good reputation and I am one of the good poster of the site that is why the admin trusted me with my answer. The site changes rules from time to time but I understand, it is for the good of the site. What I know is that it is not easy to achieve 3k points. You really need to be active and give quality answer. You need to follow rules and have some goals everyday.
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Well, I love your question as it will improve more on the enlightenment on the existence of truthful sights like answered and BMF sites. On how far they reward their respective mmembers which is muchly expected from our social medial sites like Facebook with over 1.7billion users.
In response to your question, I have just recieved my first pay from a site, as though I share the ideology oof believing it's aall scam and waste of time before now. A friend have being disturbing me to actually venture into it. But until few days back, I never had 50% faith on it.

So, when I made up my mind to give it a short, I joined BMF site and gradually I started earning bmf till it accumulated to 6000BMF  and a thought came that I should try cashing out first. Then I apllued for PayPal email and I got the money.
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I am also working for various online tutoring site. No any site disappointing me. I am new in this site. I also go to review in Google search engine, where I not found whether it is a scam. So I am sure this is right site. So don't worry

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