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If we search on Internet or Google there are many autoblogs claiming several car brands as the most reliable. Many automotive forums do have discussions about this topic. But all are different opinions or opinions of users of particular brands. I would like to know which car brand is the most trusted by car users all over the world? ie: which car brand do people go for again on the second time or for multiple times?

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I think it's Maruti Suzuki is the most trusted car brand in India. It is the top-selling car in India with a large number of outlets and service centers across India. My favorite one.
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The one and only car brand that have got an unofficial badge 'the bulletproof reliability' from its users is nothing but Toyota. Whether it be in Europe, Americas, middle east or Asia, the most popular, reliable and no complaint car brand is the Japanese brand Toyota. Especially its flagship car Toyota Corolla and the New Prius Hybrid.
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The most trusted car brand is the Toyota. Whether it be the reliability, after sales service or maintenance cost, Toyota is the best among global car makers.
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For me too Toyota is the best. They use high quality durable parts in their cars. Service charges and maintenance costs are also damn cheap. Toyota's are like made to generations.Having a Toyota car is real peace of mind when compared to any other car in the world. Bullet proof reliability. Moving forward!
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In the Philippines, one of the most reliable branded cars that were used is Toyota, Most of the public vehicles in the Philippines are made by Toyota, public taxi's, public jeepneys, and other public vehicles. Toyota isn't just simply reliable but one of a car brand that sells cheap cars or vehicles in the Philipines, that is why most of the public vehicles here are made by Toyota. 

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