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If we search on Internet or Google there are many autoblogs claiming several car brands as the most reliable. Many automotive forums do have discussions about this topic. But all are different opinions or opinions of users of particular brands. I would like to know which car brand is the most trusted by car users all over the world? ie: which car brand do people go for again on the second time or for multiple times?
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There are many car brands are available in the world. Few of them are Honda, BMW, Suzuki, Mercedes etc. Always choose your car according to your budget. These days people are actively participating in the salvage auction where they can bid on their favorite vehicle.

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Ford is the best in my opinion. I have driven Ford cars and from my experience, they are the world number one best car, followed by Mercedes. 

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I think it's Maruti Suzuki is the most trusted car brand in India. It is the top-selling car in India with a large number of outlets and service centers across India. My favorite one.
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Yes. As Maruti Suzuki is the oldest brand. But there are brands also like BMW, Audi, Nissan etc. 

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The one and only car brand that have got an unofficial badge 'the bulletproof reliability' from its users is nothing but Toyota. Whether it be in Europe, Americas, middle east or Asia, the most popular, reliable and no complaint car brand is the Japanese brand Toyota. Especially its flagship car Toyota Corolla and the New Prius Hybrid.
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I like the car that is bulletproof and you safe to ride on it when involve in an accident, the type of car that will make you safe and save you rather than kill many lives.
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The most trusted car brand is the Toyota. Whether it be the reliability, after sales service or maintenance cost, Toyota is the best among global car makers.
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For me too Toyota is the best. They use high quality durable parts in their cars. Service charges and maintenance costs are also damn cheap. Toyota's are like made to generations.Having a Toyota car is real peace of mind when compared to any other car in the world. Bullet proof reliability. Moving forward!
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In the Philippines, one of the most reliable branded cars that were used is Toyota, Most of the public vehicles in the Philippines are made by Toyota, public taxi's, public jeepneys, and other public vehicles. Toyota isn't just simply reliable but one of a car brand that sells cheap cars or vehicles in the Philipines, that is why most of the public vehicles here are made by Toyota. 
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There are so many automobile in the world today but I'm only going to be giving my opinion on the cars that I have had an experience with because it's the only way to give a reliable information on the car brand or company that excel in production of best cars.
I have had the opportunity of owning and driving Toyota and Ford cars but with my experience in making use of both cars, I can tell you that Toyota is very reliable and easy to use as well as its maintenance. It's spare parts are available at any automobile spare parts shop and they are affordable too. Currently, my family owns Toyota Avalon 2013 model and it's very easy to operate and maintain.

But Ford on the other hand is regarded as the most durable car in the world today in my opinion. It hardly develops any fault but it's very expensive to maintain.
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Well, for me I don't specifically have a brand of car which I think is the safest or trusted brand. I can go for almost any brand of car as long as it attracts me and I find it having all the qualities I require in a car.

To answer your question, i think it's of importance that the general public's choice in a particular car brand should have be put into consideration. In saying so, my answer would probably be Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Honda cars as they seem to be more of them on the streets.

These three mentioned car brands above are the most common and used cars in my country regardless of their models. You can literally count 4 Mercedes, 2 Toyotas and 3 Hondas out of 10 cars in a traffic. I think they are the most preferred basically because they're affordable and the parts easy to come by which in my opinion are factors needed to be put into consideration before purchasing a car in any place, region or country. And besides, almost every auto repair shops here are acquainted with these three products. These are probably the main reasons why people here prefer theses three products. I for one will go for any of the three if I want to be cot efficient.
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When it comes to car technology, I think that most automobile companies all over the world have done an excellent and exceptional job in having their automobile products being upgraded recently because of their importance of meeting up with their customers needs and fantasy. If you ask most automobile owners, they would tell a lot of impossible upgrades that they are looking forward to having in their cars. Recently, I conducted a survey on what likely updates or upgrades automobile owners would want to have in the cars and some mentioned having a car that can fly, cars that can drive in autopilot, invisible cars etc. In my opinion, all these upgrades are good as long as they are feasible.
But when it comes to the automobile I would call the best, I would go with Ford cars because they produce cars that are more durable.
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There are so Many Trusted car brand in the world. Here I'm listing some of them.

  • Toyota Motor Sales
  • Honda Motor
  • BMW 
  • Kia Motors
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Telsa Motor 
  • Nissan
  • Aqura

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