What are some dating websites which are not like everything else? Can you please recommend me something cool to try?
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As for some interesting and not regular dating services, check out Secret Benefits - https://www.instagram.com/secretbenefitsofficial/ It is a sugar baby website with some hot and beautiful girls. I like using it a lot and it is great that it is totally free, so why not. Good luck with dating there, hope you will find it helpful
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Your question is an interesting one, if you would allow me to ask, what's your motive of getting into this sites is it for a serious relationship or just for fun? Because if you want a serious relationship i doubt if you would get someone serious those are just my thoughts. I really wouldn't recommend any for now, because i don't know which dating sites are good or bad. But for your own sake find someone that you can interact with face to face your better off that way.

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There was a time I was so much into dating site, you should check, hitwe is pretty cool with lots of members and free membership although you can buy VIP membership if you want, at $7 per month. Also there's another one called Eskimi its just fun with lots of members owned by a Nigerian. Finally, there's tantan a Chinese dating site.There are many of them you can search the web.
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What do you mean "not like everything else"? Most dating sites have the same features for they do have one goal: to get you to meet people. You may find some unique features or added benefits when you subscribe to their premium account. For instance, in Tinder you'll get to "undo" a swipe if you accidentally swipe in the wrong direction. In OkCupid, you'll get to see the list of people who "like" you; hence, it would be yours to decide whether you're gonna "like" them back. Moreover, one unique dating site is Bumble. I haven't tried it yet but a friend told me that when using this site, you will only get to see people who have matched the kind of relationship you're looking for. For instance, when you opt for friendship, they will only show you profiles of people who chose the same thing. It is also quite different among other dating apps because for heterosexual matches, only female users can make the first contact; whereas in same-sex, both can initiate the conversation.
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I understand what you're looking out fo from your statement above, a dating site that no harm or danger will come to you but I will let you know that no site was ever built to hurt anyone but it always the users always coming on board to abuse the site and as such one should always be careful with all sites online and be very weary of strangers they meet online.No site is spared with evil online even simple Facebook is filled with fraudsters,scammers and evil doers.A lot of people have even gotten married or hooked through Facebook, so a date can be gotten anywhere online.

But from research online you can use ChristianMingle.com if you're a Christian, so many Christians on the site or eharmony.com these are two great dating sites you can try out but still be careful though.
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I doubt they are dating sites which are unique to others as they all have one purpose, bringing the opposite sex or same sex together.
Dating sites are all the same all over the world. The only major difference in dating sites is the type of people and their purpose for being on the said site.
Some dating sites are for serious people who intend to meet serious minded individuals for possible long term relationships like marriage. Some other sites are mainly focused on casual encounters or flirting related actions.
Also, some dating sites are based on specific race of people. For instance, a dating site might be based on Arab women looking for black or western men. Some might be Asians looking for alternate race of people, and so on.
Hence, If you need recommendations on date sites, you need to be specific on your interest.
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I never tried any dating website. I am not tend to search my soul date on dating websites. But tinder is good dating website and few of my friends used it.
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