Social media made the students to shrink towards themselves. They are totally out of the real world relations and goes on creating friends in the fake world of social media. Some students doesn't even know what is happening around him. They became self-oriented and care to communicate with people only to satisfy his own needs. How social media have  impact on a student's life? It can be positive or negative depending on how he/she use those media?
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Social media has positive and negative impacts to students.Positive impacts:

Through social media, students are able to expand their knowledge by logging into learning websites like chegg and Wikipedia and get to understand well what they didn't understand back at school.Also,they can get good essays from online sites and other more tips of writing essays.

Negative impacts:Pornography-students tend to watch these stuff online since there's no monitoring when it comes to social media.Watching pornography instills bad morals in them.

Also they tend to spend much on sites like Facebook talking to strangers instead of investing that time in their books and improve on their grades.
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social media plays an important role in current scenario.all are busy making friends in social medias and forget about our surrounding relationships.all  love to live in virtual relationships.the direct communication among people is decreasing day by day.students have a great impact on social medias.they lost concentration on there studies and they focus  major time on chating and everything become online so that no need to go out for our needs.
Social media play both positive and negative roles in students lives. They are very instrumental in connecting them to their friends which perhaps could help them in getting to know more things about their school environment such as class works, assignments, tests and exams time schedules, etc. On the negative aspect of social media on students lives, they could pose serious threats to their concentration on their academics as they serve as distractions to their mental well being.
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Today social media plays a major role in some many aspects of people's lives. There are many companies that require you to have a social media account before they will even hire you. They take a look at your social media profile and see what type of things you post or share. They are curious about you and this gives them the perfect insight into who you are.

Furthermore, social media can be a good positive influence on people. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family that is far away and you can't reach them so easily. But on the other hand, social media can be bad and a stocker could find you and start stocking you. This can make your life miserable because you have no idea who they are. 

Not everything is negative or has a negative effect on people when it comes to social media. It all depends on how a person uses it and benefits from it. 

BTW - the end of your question is a bit spammy. 
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Social media does tend to have a negative impact on a student's life, but this is not always the case. Everything has its own good and bad aspects. It is up to the concerned person which aspect he chooses. An excess of anything is bad and so is the case with social media. The student should be aware of the demarcating line that differentiates the pros and the cons of social media.

Any person who will substitute his practical social life with the digital version will definitely be at harm. This holds truely for both the students as well as adults.

Social media gives students an easy platform to explore the world, learn about its achievements, make contacts and get inspirations from the accomplishments of others. Any student who knows to maintain a balance between personal and digital life will never be at harm.

A well balance guided approach can really help to monitor control.

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It often produces stress, anxiety of fear about their identities as people. Consistently thinking is this way can sometime lead to depression. The most important thing in student's life are studying, learning good habits and gaining knowledge to become a person with moral character. This increase social media has mad a profound impact on college student both positive and negative.
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It has both advantage and disadvantage. Through social media the news are reach students in an efficient way. Academic groups are also available. If want they can utilise it. Some are using social media in this effective way.

Some are using all time and spoil their studies. That's not good.
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Social Media has the impact on the Student's life by changing their Place.Students get the contents from their accounts and it helps in saving their Time.
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One of the major drawback of social media on students life is that the social networking websites make students get addicted to it. They used to spend ours on those social networking sites which is degrading students academic performance. Social media has also damages the will power of students very badly.
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