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As creepy as this may sound, my friend dreamed of seeing herself in a place where there were hundreds of children hurting themselves to the point where they are intensely bleeding. She's not doing anything. She's just there observing these children's suffering until she managed to wake up. She tried searching for what this dream means but to no avail.

Have you come across such strange dreams? Do you have any ideas on how dreams relate to real life?

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My most strangest dreams usually come in form of sleep talking.  I realised that usually when am away from home on long holidays this usually happens.  It used to happen consequestively for like one week then it takes like a month then I start sleep talking. I tried consulting several people about the matter and most of them could tell me that am stressed up or either I sleep very late. I tried changing on my sleeping time and reduced stress but nothing happened.

The only way out was to consult those people who are believed to see things. The results I believed were shocking and I don't know whether I should believe or not. The seer told the sleep talking had to do with my father. He told me that my dad believes am the one who can reunite my family since he divorced with my mom. So whenever he thinks about me, i will definitely have to sleep talk. I came to believe this because whenever my dad called, I must sleep talk. So to avoid this, I stopped receiving his calls and had to change my line. Although I do sleep talk once in a while, its not that much.
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Everyone dreams and some can get even more weirder than that of your friend's. Sometimes, I find it it difficult telling which one's a dream or nightmare, as they often start out good but then turn into a bad dream at the end.

Wiki defines dreams as the succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occurs involuntary in the mind during certain stages of sleep. This simply means that the act of dreaming can't occur without a living being as our basic psychological senses are needed for a dream to happen.

In saying so, a dreamer should always be able to remember their dreams given the fact that our senses were involved in the process, but I swear, I don't get to recall the full details of most dreams I have by the time am awake. Am sure a lot of people experience it too. Does this mean that dreams should be overlooked as unimportant?

Some dreams on the other hand can not be overlooked as they give the feeling of reality when having them. I've had dreams on certain occasions where I could I swear I felt the touch as it happened in the dream, especially if it was a bad one. I would sometimes wake up sweating with my heart beating beyond usual.

Maybe dreams are actually moments when we get to cross over to some other world and live out a certain period of time. Dreams might also be a parallel experience, a vision of some other existence where the you differs from you. On a more radical thought, dreams might be the moment when we leave our bodies and fight to either stay alive in reality or stay sleeping forever, death.

Although science, philosophy and even religion has made dreams a topic of interest, the purposes and messages of dream are fully not understood. This doesn't mean that dreams are completely meaningless. There's a handful of people with certain gifts which can be used to explain some dreams to an average level of certainty. I've not met any personally, but I've red about them.
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I have lots of strangest dreams, even when I was young. What I can't forget and always worry me was this dream. I think I already died on that dream and I only have soul. I followed a certain light and it went into a tunnel. A tunnel has a escalator like stairs and it was going up. When it was really high, I was very frightened to see the planets. When it was going up, it was very fast. Then it went horizontal and I was seeing the sun. It is becoming hot while I am going near the sun. Then I saw people in a que going to the sun. They are all transparent, and I realized I was like them, we are all souls, we do not have flesh. The moving of the escalator never stop and I was so afraid because we are all going to the Sun. I saw some already reached the sun and they were all screaming. Good thing before i reaches the sun, I am already awaken. I can't interpret it. That time I was having high fever maybe that is the reason why it was very weird.
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That was really a creepy dream and I wonder what that could really mean. Well,sometimes I do have very weird dreams which leaves me wondering almost all day what it meant.

The recurring is this incessant dream of being pursued by some scary looking creature all the time.At a point it will look as if I was with a group of friends and others that I don't know, so we will  be many in a spot interacting and this frightening creature will just appear from nowhere and we will start running for our lives and the next thing I will noticed is that I will be the only person running, I seem not to be able to find my friends or the other people.The creature will just only be pursuing me and trying to attack me.I will wake breathing very fast and feeling weak.Quite strange to me.
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Last week I dreamt that my younger brother was warning me about getting pregnant so early. He is so young and does not know much about life but he was talking to me in the dream like a grown up. He told me that I am not ready for it and I should do my best to not get a baby while still studying in the university. This dream came just after my boyfriend had requested that I should bear a baby for him. I had told him that I will think about it. I had thought about it and decided that it was a good idea as he is working and it will not be hard for him to take care of me and the baby. I had this dream a day before I was going to give him my answer. This dream made me change my mind and I told him that I don't want a baby right now. That I would like to finish campus, get a job and be financially stable before I can settle in helping him raise our children.
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I once dreamed that my car was being stolen but the odd thing was I looked into the car and could see myself driving it down the road so I was the thief and the onlooker. I have worried in the past about not being able to park outside my house so maybe it stemmed from that. I can't think it had any deep meaning.

It's interesting to note that babies dream even in the womb.  In the last few weeks of pregnancy a baby will spend most of its time asleep with 50 percent of that time in REM the phase where dreaming occurs. They don't have the same experiences as an adult but it is part of their growth and development and they can often be seen twitching and eye rolling during sleep. It allows their brain to build pathways, become integrated and later helps with the development of language.
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First of all dreams are part of our life's and they connect us to the spiritual life. Most times our dreams transcribes into perfect reality and gives us insight to future situations.
Though, most times;it appears very terrifying and one will wished it never occurs. But I believe it will serve a purpose. Since there are three types of dreams, viz: Evil dreams rightly from the devil, vision and Godly dreams and lastly is; psychological dreams which ooccurs as a result of issues or circumstances happening around one self.

The dream you said your friend had is supposingly a evil dream because it doesn't portray good images and she should pray fervently over it. So that her future children won't get into evil hands.
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I have lots of dreamed that is unusual for me and sometimes, I just don't care about it. Because for me when we dream it is because of what we think too much and what our day to day involves about. Our dream is connected to our daily life, its like a baby having a dream because what the baby had explore during the day if hid life. But, there are also dreams that play a big part in our life, like we dream because it gives us a warning. I had a dream before when we went to the river and the water was clear and then it suddenly goes dirty turn into brown water like a flood. It reminded me that life struggles ahead, but if we pray and offer to God everything you don't need to feel worry at all. The problems in life is normal but with prayers, everything will be okay.

About your friend's dream, it might give her something a reminder that there are lots of street children and needed some help,maybe she could do a Christmas party or food for the kids on the street program.
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