Me and my friends have some PC games that need Xbox controller for playing correctly. While using ordinary generic controllers or gamepads with playstation key layouts, some of these games can't be played with full functions in it. This is mainly because there are no key assignment options in some games. Even if some games have those option, the game can't be played comfortably as with xbox controllers. Many games like ashes cricket etc are seemed to be bound to Xbox game controllers only. Is there any way to play these games without xbox controllers? Can we make generic game-pads to work with these games by using any tweaks?
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I believe the easiest way is to buy an xbox controller or get a similar controller, not necessarily from Microsoft.

I never managed to play any games that requested such controller otherwise. In fact as you said some do work but with limited functionalities, which is no good when you want to get the whole gaming experience.

I highly advise you get a controller to play the games the way they are meant to be played. Xbox controllers or even similar controllers are not that expensive.
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Well I think no because I wasn't able to find any emulator which can I use in the place of Xbox which really make me feel sad because I want to play one
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