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Someone once told me that we have the potential to be anything bad and evil. A murderer, a thief, a cheat etc. She said "our souls have many doors, be careful the ones you unlock."

Do you believe that evil and good is inherent in every one of us?

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I think this has something to do with the Yin and Yang concept, which treats everything as inseparable opposites like in the case of left-right, negative-positive, night-day, cold-hot, and bad-good, etc. The two aspects should come together to form wholeness; hence, there is nothing completely yin and yang. Each aspect forms the beginning of the other. For instance, when the day ends, night follows. When people begin to see certain things as good, other things are tagged as evil.

Going back to your question, I do believe that good and evil is inherent in everyone of us, and whatever trait will manifest depends on whichever we get to nurture. If you are likely to do bad things then the likelihood of you being "evil" increases, whereas the goodness in you decreases. As in the concept of Yin and Yang when one aspect increases the other one decreases to create an overall balance of the whole.
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Awesome point. I also think that life it self is a balance. Sometimes we get to nurture a certain aspect and it is totally shocking when there's an outburst of quite the opposite. This means that it has always been inherent in us but somewhat supressed. 
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Yes, the power of life and death which is good and bad respectively lie within us. We can either choose to be good or bad, it all depends on how we decide to turn out in life. There is no doubt that we carry both the seed of good and bad in us, but the carrier(person) is faced with tough choice to decide which either of the two he/she must manifest.

We can draw analogy with the use our hands. If you find yourself in a situation to perform a task with your both hands, it's either you make use of the left or right, but the use of either of the two is sorely reliant of the one you use frequently. And on rare occasions, you can opt to use the other hand you don't use always.

Same goes with our mind, whichever we choose to use among the two either the good or bad, it just the most preferred one we choose to deploy that would have expression via our action.
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Yes in fact. We have the potential to be anything bad just as we do to be good. Man has always been an imperfect being. Also, there's inherent ability and capabilities in man beyond reasoning and what meets the eye.

It can be safe to say that even we personally are not aware of the things that we are capable of unless we find ourselves in certain situations. I've seen instances where a person can be shocked by themselves because they did something they never ever thought that they could do.

There are many things that can influence the mind and infiltrate the soul. Like an ocean, the soul can absorb many things. This is why we are always advised to be careful the things we feed ours eyes and hearts. We could be unlocking something that has always been there waiting.
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Yes I so much believe in that, but then, you just can't unlock the door on your own, several people and factors influence the door that you open. As you've mentioned above about some people being murderers and thieves, its never their intentions. Maybe at some point life became too hard for them and the only way out to make it in life is steal and it ended up being  addicts.

Parents most of the times are the key source in opening our life doors. The motives and the discipline they instill in us matters a lot. No parent will ever wish their kids to be thieves. They always try their best to make sure there kids will live a better tomorrow. But then, some kids are just a pain in the *** and they end up being influenced by peer pressure and that's how they ruin their lives.
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For me, everyday, we make choices. We do good and bad because we need to be one. Some have reasons why they became bad, some are needed to be bad to look strong. Some really wants to do good for the rest of our lives. Some are force to be bad because circumstances are pushing them. If someone needs to cheat, it is because they are seeing someone cheating and taking advantage. Some decided to steal because there are no other ways to get those things that other people owned, example gadgets, lots of money and even power. Yes, everyday we are giving an option of what we want to become and only a few decides to stay good and do good because they are afraid of God. I, myself, is leaning on Good because I want to with God in heaven having an eternal life.
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Do you believe that there's not a reason to do the bad things unless we actually make that choice? 
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We have got potential for everything be it good or bad but what keep us back is always the consequence or consequences of our actions. Good will only come to good people and vice versa.

God crested everyone and gave us the freewill of choosing our potentials but believe we will or should choose the right ones,but some self centered people does otherwise and introduced all manners of evil to the world and the world has become badly polluted with bad potentials.

I have decided to stick with only good potentials even in the midst of all evil,it will help me now and in the future.A good name and reputation is better than silver or gold and I wish everyone could reason out this way.
Evil and good is in us but we should do well to only unlock the good.
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That's an interesting theory and although most of us want to be good people because that's how we are raised I think that life events can change a person and send them cascading down a very dark road.

One thing I have come to believe is that some people are wired differently to the rest of us. I have a very difficult family member who has made life terrible for all of us at times. When I look back to when he was a child he did have some very strange behavioural habits so that I had to take him to a child psychologist who said he was bright and sensitive and would grow out of it. This was not so. Although my whole family are honest he displayed signs of dishonesty at quite an early age and no amount of punishment would change this. Even at the age of 37 he is not a good person although he was raised with our family values.

I believe that some people just lack empathy, they can hurt others without a second thought and justify what they do. They don't seem to have that stop button like the rest of us so although it's possible for any one of us to behave in a dark way, most of us don't.
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Then I do believe it is often a choice for us whereas for such people, it is like the force that drives psychopaths. It is okay to call them sensitive since it is all up in their head and they do not view things or have the feelings that we do. 

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