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Stomach aches can be a real discomfort especially when it lasts longer than expected. Some stomach aches are mere urges to use the restroom. Something a glass of water and soda can handle. Others can be as a result of eating something upsetting or some other underlying cause.

There are over the counter medication you can take, the most common being flagyl(metronidazole). I think the best and fastest though is natural home remedies. There are plenty you can find in your kitchen.

Take one part cinnamon and one part honey, mix together and take one spoon three times a day. Before the middle of the day, you'll feel much better. Fresh ginger tea is also a great remedy. It aids digestion as well. You can try apple cider vinegar if you don't have those. It helps to neutralize any acidic effect almost immediately.
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You might want to try drinking chamomile or peppermint tea, especially when your stomach pain is associated with digestion. In such cases, you also need to keep yourself hydrated, as dehydration increases the likelihood of stomach pain. Placing a heating pad or simply a bottle with warm water is also one of the quickest remedies to stomach pain. This one you can readily do at home. The idea of this procedure is that the warm feeling will distract you from the pain, while the heat can help in relaxing your muscles and reduces nausea.

Here in our country, we also make use of relieving ointments to ease stomach pain. Such ointment has the balance of cold and warm feeling that likewise distracts the person from the pain. I don't know whether you have such things but you might want to try them in case these are readily available.

If the pain still won't go away, then it would be best for you to consult a doctor.
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I think it depends on why you have a stomach ache. If you have a virus then often the only way a stomach ache will ease is if you vomit or use the toilet because it's hard to keep any medication down which will ease the pain.

For other types of  stomach pain maybe holding a hot water bottle against your stomach can help or perhaps taking a warm bath. My granddaughter always says that sips of water help but definitely no coffee as this can make it worse. Some people find that Chamomile tea helps or perhaps a drink containing ginger or peppermint.

If the stomach pain is caused by a medical condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome then an over the counter medication can be bought to relieve the discomfort or if it is very severe then a visit to the doctor might be necessary so that he can give you more suitable medication to control it.
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